800 dhs for 3 days in seoul ;) #southkorea.countrynumber 8

this is about my journey to seoul, south korea for 3days and i prove it to myself i can go there and survive with the budget i set. the journey is on 8june -10 june ..

i flied from dubai to seoul with A380 . it was my first time being in the A380 plane . IT IS VERY BIGG !!! alhmdllh , once again thanku Allah for giving me the chance to fly with it…

i arrived in seoul in the evening and straight went to shimmian clinic to meet nofy ( its in gangnam area)

at night we went to myeongdong and after from myeongdong we went to itaewon ( stop in hongik univ stasion)

day 2 (9june12) : we moved from the clinic to bibim guest house (hongik university -exit 3 ) after drop our luggage we went to deoksugung palace to watch the changing of the guard ( timings is 11am,2pm, and 330 pm) its closed on monday and the whole month of january, and the ticket price is KRW1000. to get there , we took train line 1 , stop in cityhall subway station exit 2. from there , we went to insadong – stop at jonggak train station . in insadong we drink korean tea and we took pictures wearing hanbok ( korean traditional clothes) its quite expensive , the price for only taking pictures with hanbok is KRW20,000 ,- huuff,, and then do some souvenir hunting in insadong. I spent maybe another KRW20,000,-

and from insadong we went to myeongdong again, roaming around.

day 3 (10june12): from hongik university we took train to incheon airport and its only KRW4300 ,-

I love Incheon Airport , they have ice skating in the airport just out of entrance of korail station. and one cute thing, inside the airport is quite many police dogs. which is the thing i never see before in KLIA, QAIA ,Soetta or DXB Intl airport ;D

but then unlucky for me, since my ticket is subload staff ticket , the korean air to jakarta is full so i couldnt get onloaded. the staff there told me to try the next day , i might get a seat. thinking about the fact i would never over my budget,i decided to sleep at the airport. and surprisingly, incheon airport is not like dubai airport, it is not 24 hours . all restaurants and shops are closed at 11pm. and very rare i can find people sleeping on the chair or bench. just unlike in dubai airport which is too many ppl u can find sleep at the airport. ah yaa, about the restaurant there is one restaurant named lotteria is almost at the other side of the airport. it is 24hours.
but at least they have payphone facilities, the computer you can use but you have to pay by insert some coins. (good thing about airport in dubai , there is free computer facility ) and wi fi (yes ofcourse!)

anyway, the airport become crowded again around 7 in the morning.

and thanks God, i got onloaded . HELLO JAKARTA ! ❤ ❤ ❤ ~~~ (11June12)

today 140812 (part 2)

start from today :

i have to be ;

  • qanaah ( menerima apa adanya – accept life as what it is)
  • muraqaba ( mengawasi diri sendiri – meditation ) and
  • tawadhu (humbleness – rendah hati )

and i hope im able to get qalbun salim ( hati nan damai – peaceful heart )

and far away from qalbun marid ( hatred heart) far from nifaq (hypocrite ) and hasad (dengki – jealousy )

also far from hazn ( sadness ) and khauf (afraidness ) – afraid of that my happiness will end and afraid that im gonna lose my wealthy.
because at the end of the day God Almighty who has it all , that me in this world only temporary have it .

* astagfirullah …


kata2 bagus gw dapet dari ryma.
‘In life, when God leads you to the cliff, only one of two things will happen. God will either teach you how to fly or catches you when you fall. And things happen for a reason, and it’s definitely for the better…’

and dari cita SSEAYP.
“When you’re wishing to be someone else, someone else in somewhere is wishing to be you… – 9 matahari “

Mahe Island , Seychelles. (countrynumber7)

i was really hate myself and feel envy to some of my college best friends,,i mean they got a very nice life and nice job(huff).. in spite of thinking about it too long, i decided to clean out my room and found my travel book, its randomly written along my journey..

theres an edition about seychelles. i traveled to Mahe Island on last 20-23 may 2012. i went there with kate.

about the airport : 1lovely fact about seychelles airport, it is small, so im not tired walking like when in dubai airport… when u get off out of plane you straight away arrive in immigration area, after immigration straight baggage hall . its almost same like bali though…

about the hotel : me and kate slept in coral strand hotel, we paid 400 dhs each, for 2nights. seychelles money is rupees, but dollar is widely used. if you want a guest house its alot, and the price range 80-100 euros per night. and the food price range is around 100-160 seychelles rupees .

from our hotel area,if we want to go to victoria,(which is the centre of city) we take the bus no 20 /22 and its only 5 rupees. i enjoyed victoria so much, its like an old town and being there is very relax.. even the people there seems so relaxing, they seem enjoy their life and do not have anything to think about..

well, the goal : step my foot in africa – check ! Thank you Allah ! Im sorry for always complainin about your blessings 😦

memes ;)

The lingo among youths has evolved from the “LOL” and “ROFL” (rolling on the floor laughing) of the previous generation, to acronyms and phrases such as “like a boss”, “troll” or “facepalm”.

This whole new set of phrases and abbreviations are called “memes”.

Defined as “the act of doing something as a boss would do” by the Urban Dictionary, the latest generation of Internet users say “Like A Boss” to describe people who do things with an air of superiority and do not care about how others perceive them.

“Trolls” are those who target others with online jeers, while a “facepalm” moment is when you are left speechless by a foolish statement or act by another person.

Those who state the obvious, and post comments or status updates about things which everyone already knows, are now referred to as “Captain Obvious”.

Another favourite meme,, was the “Why you no….” phrase.

“If we are working late, I ask my friends ‘Why you no go back yet’?” or when my boss questions me, I think to myself, ‘Why you no understand?’,” he quipped.

Among the commonly used memes, she said, was “first world problems”, which is used to describe trivial frustrations or complaints.

“Whenever a friend complains that her drink is not hot enough or that she has to wake up early, we just roll our eyes and say ‘first world problems’.

*************** source : http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=%2F2012%2F8%2F13%2Fnation%2F11846724&sec=nation ******************

about stereofoam

i take away some food from the airport and they give me food inside stereofoam, i still remember the time that i do not use stereofoam anymore to take away my food since there is a campaign called stereofoam similar to white coffin in my university . The reason is because they said if hot food we placed it in the stereofoam, the chemical inside the foam can become dangerous for our health and can cause cancer in long term. So, should i bring my picnic case whenever i want to take away food to avoid stereofoam?

dari Nadia.

this is true ! when I’m in Indonesia, I want to go overseas. And once I’m there, I want to return home. And the cycle continues. The satanic cycle.

the winner world bank essay 2011 ,, Gunawanti about her idea of happiness “If I know that both my family and I can be rest assured that all our dreams are not restricted by our inability to fulfill them, I will be happy”.’

flood in bogor and manila but dry here in dubai

3days ago : my mom sent me message that my aunty’s house in bogor is drown by water. the water is up to around 10cm.

and i felt like WOW ! there still raining in bogor ? here in dubai is very hot dry and humid. even sometimes when im out i feel like there is no oxygen to breath.

2days ago : catherine told me water is all over her house in manila, philippine . that she pray her family to be safe .
again ! here in dubai doesnt even fall a single rain . i remember that since i arrived here  lastyear, dubai only raining 4times . and for the first time in my life i saw people taking picture of the rain. i saw them very happy , they ‘re very excited, while me, i feel like – duuhhh… its always raining in my country. =)

I should really thank God for everything.