today 140812 (part 2)

start from today :

i have to be ;

  • qanaah ( menerima apa adanya – accept life as what it is)
  • muraqaba ( mengawasi diri sendiri – meditation ) and
  • tawadhu (humbleness – rendah hati )

and i hope im able to get qalbun salim ( hati nan damai – peaceful heart )

and far away from qalbun marid ( hatred heart) far from nifaq (hypocrite ) and hasad (dengki – jealousy )

also far from hazn ( sadness ) and khauf (afraidness ) – afraid of that my happiness will end and afraid that im gonna lose my wealthy.
because at the end of the day God Almighty who has it all , that me in this world only temporary have it .

* astagfirullah …

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