I went to Sapporo, Hokkaido, with Mariama and Tetty, we went there for snow festival .

this time, we went only for two and half day 😦 😦

day 1 :: we arrived almost midnight in Haneda , and waited in domestic departure hall to wait for our next flight to Chitose (Sapporo airport ) at 7 am in the morning.



we stayed in sapporo tobu hotel and paid AED 200 each

day 2 :: arrive in sapporo. rest a bit at the hotel and then out for the snow!!

it was snowing when we reached!

It was our first snow experience ever.



looks like a hijaber :D

looks like a hijaber πŸ˜€


scaryy :S

we spent whole day up to night in odori koen area.. enjoying the festival

day 3 : we are ready to go back to Tokyo – before going back to Dubai at night

in Tokyo we met mbak Indah and Tanaka san – ate halal ramen in shimbashi (toomuch delicious!!) it’s in a small alley opposite of a big train outside shimbashi station.


can’t wait to come back to Japan ❀


I just realized that I love Japan and I’ve been to Japan three times, but never write about it (X-X)

my first japan trip is to Tokyo (end of April , 2013 – after Capetown) I went there for three days only, I made a booking in Anne hostel Asakusa, but didnt have the chance to sleep even one night there – I ended up slept in my friend,Mbak Indah’s place

Budget : 1200 AED .

It’s been two years, and I’m trying to remember the trip.

Day 1 : rest . It’s already like 2200 pm when I reached mba Indah’s place (Shes staying opposite of tsukuji market!!)

view from balcony- tsukuji fish market :)

view from balcony- tsukuji fish market πŸ™‚


Day 2 : I booked to watch sumo practice in Ryogoku in the morning from Voyagin. After from sumo practice I came back home and mba Indah already waiting for me to go to Sensoji and Hama rikyu garden (for the tea ceremony)



and then we went to Shibuya , roaming around.

end up in Shimbashi and ate yakiniku just opposite dr.foot . It was delicious!

day 3 : Mitsukoshi, Kabuki theathre in Ginza (suppose to watch it but the queue is too longg :S ) , lunch in ootoya.


after lunch, roaming around Ginza for a little while before heading back home before going to airport to go back to Dubai.

eat baum kuchen. nyummmmm

eat baum kuchen. nyummmmm


I loveJapan and want to come back again,the friendly people, the cleanliness and lots of cute things!

there is bicycle parking!

there is bicycle parking!


you have to separate the trash !


the toilet . πŸ™‚


you can adjust the water temperature ^.^


cute!! isn’t it?? ❀ ❀

meet the shaikha

7 march 2015

I went to Emirateslitfest , the event held in Intercontinental hotel, Festival City, one of the programm is regarding the International Woman’s Day which is celebrated every 8 of march.

the reason i went there, because I really need to get motivation to keep going and not giving up (I was talking about life,really! i think i’m in the state of midlife crisis now T_T) well.. one of the speaker is Sheikha Lubna Khalid Alqasimi.

i really love the event, i think i get some light and feel motivated again to continue mylife in Dubai..

we as a woman have to always be ourselves. Β it is okay not to be like-able .

we have to keep ourselves hungry (keep dreaming and have an ambition!)

Never let anyone discourage you or tell you what to do .

If you believe you are (not worthy) of creating something, you won’t ever even try, will you ?

after the event , one goal in my mind : I want to greet Shaikha in person, tell her my name and take picture together !

which I did. *missionaccomplished!!* ~~~

11059194_10153094504135792_4753550762604736664_nΒ  Β Β DSC07748


soo.. last february 20, I went to this event called middle east food & travel blogger conference, located in Alserkal avenue, Al Quoz, and it’s part of the Dubai food festival programme..

been long time I haven’t roam around alquoz area (since i move out from al Khail accommodation myb less than 10 times i went there) i was a bit nostalgic that time, and glad that now the area has changed from really sandy industrial area to at least many small cafes and cultural venue (still sandy though)

move on- soo.. this Alserkal avenue looks like not really popular among the taxi drivers, I have to look and read the direction to him few times, when he realised aah.. it’s near the home centre warehouse.. X_X (shame on me. ive been four years in Dubai and still not driving and blind about the road! T_T )



they gave free food for the participants.. *nyumm*



the event itself really gave me more insight about blogging and at the end how to be an influencer… which i don’t think i have that capacity yet.

despite of busy working, I’m not really productive as well:(


humility in our business is a sign of grace and passion… confidence combined with competence is the winning formula


it is important to always be willing to try, dare and push the limits. courage is essential