meet the shaikha

7 march 2015

I went to Emirateslitfest , the event held in Intercontinental hotel, Festival City, one of the programm is regarding the International Woman’s Day which is celebrated every 8 of march.

the reason i went there, because I really need to get motivation to keep going and not giving up (I was talking about life,really! i think i’m in the state of midlife crisis now T_T) well.. one of the speaker is Sheikha Lubna Khalid Alqasimi.

i really love the event, i think i get some light and feel motivated again to continue mylife in Dubai..

we as a woman have to always be ourselves.  it is okay not to be like-able .

we have to keep ourselves hungry (keep dreaming and have an ambition!)

Never let anyone discourage you or tell you what to do .

If you believe you are (not worthy) of creating something, you won’t ever even try, will you ?

after the event , one goal in my mind : I want to greet Shaikha in person, tell her my name and take picture together !

which I did. *missionaccomplished!!* ~~~

11059194_10153094504135792_4753550762604736664_n    DSC07748

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