I went to Sapporo, Hokkaido, with Mariama and Tetty, we went there for snow festival .

this time, we went only for two and half day 😦 😦

day 1 :: we arrived almost midnight in Haneda , and waited in domestic departure hall to wait for our next flight to Chitose (Sapporo airport ) at 7 am in the morning.



we stayed in sapporo tobu hotel and paid AED 200 each

day 2 :: arrive in sapporo. rest a bit at the hotel and then out for the snow!!

it was snowing when we reached!

It was our first snow experience ever.



looks like a hijaber :D

looks like a hijaber 😀


scaryy :S

we spent whole day up to night in odori koen area.. enjoying the festival

day 3 : we are ready to go back to Tokyo – before going back to Dubai at night

in Tokyo we met mbak Indah and Tanaka san – ate halal ramen in shimbashi (toomuch delicious!!) it’s in a small alley opposite of a big train outside shimbashi station.


can’t wait to come back to Japan ❤

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