I just realized that I love Japan and I’ve been to Japan three times, but never write about it (X-X)

my first japan trip is to Tokyo (end of April , 2013 – after Capetown) I went there for three days only, I made a booking in Anne hostel Asakusa, but didnt have the chance to sleep even one night there – I ended up slept in my friend,Mbak Indah’s place

Budget : 1200 AED .

It’s been two years, and I’m trying to remember the trip.

Day 1 : rest . It’s already like 2200 pm when I reached mba Indah’s place (Shes staying opposite of tsukuji market!!)

view from balcony- tsukuji fish market :)

view from balcony- tsukuji fish market 🙂


Day 2 : I booked to watch sumo practice in Ryogoku in the morning from Voyagin. After from sumo practice I came back home and mba Indah already waiting for me to go to Sensoji and Hama rikyu garden (for the tea ceremony)



and then we went to Shibuya , roaming around.

end up in Shimbashi and ate yakiniku just opposite dr.foot . It was delicious!

day 3 : Mitsukoshi, Kabuki theathre in Ginza (suppose to watch it but the queue is too longg :S ) , lunch in ootoya.


after lunch, roaming around Ginza for a little while before heading back home before going to airport to go back to Dubai.

eat baum kuchen. nyummmmm

eat baum kuchen. nyummmmm


I loveJapan and want to come back again,the friendly people, the cleanliness and lots of cute things!

there is bicycle parking!

there is bicycle parking!


you have to separate the trash !


the toilet . 🙂


you can adjust the water temperature ^.^


cute!! isn’t it?? ❤ ❤

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