アジスアベバ #countryno21 !

I went with Mariama on our off days

9-10 dec 2015

And yappari!! Bau nya sangat sangat khassss !! starting from inside the plane ….. :S


the sky of Addis

we can not exchange Ethio’s money in Dubai so we bring USD with us to be exchanged in Addis.

the rate 1 usd : 21 birr  ( my budget for this trip : 142 USD = 2984 birr )


berasa d nuyok, yellow taxiss.. hahaaa

first day ::

we arrived around 2 pm (flight is departed late almost 1 hour from Dubai) and the immigration queue is not so long but it moves very very slow..

after exchange our money, we were trying to look out for our hotel pick up which is …. none… X_X !!!

ok then , lets make a phone call.. thats when we realized .. we can not use our roaming services! we were trying to look for public phone or sim card provider store when this guy came to us and said come come,, let me help you, — we said boldly, NO, thank you, we have pick up hotel arrangement already.. but then he said you’re coming from Dubai if it is late then the guy must be left already,you can call the hotel from landline over there (pointing on counter which i believe his hotel’s counter ) and the public phone is not working (true!) and if you want to buy sim card it’s outside — probably he’s bluffing and not sure why , still, we follow him to make the phone call. X_x

the other guy at the counter is the one making the phone call to our hotel. his name is Elfas . after waiting for a while, our pick up arrives and Elfas said he is off tomorrow and would be glad to take us around — we pay any amount we want,,, should we trust him and say yes.. we both looked each other, kind of asking each other, 🙂

while waiting for the pick up, elfas teach us some of amharic words (the language of Ethiopia)


we stayed at Zola international hotel.. as booking.com review it’s a good hotel , four stars, clean and safe ! — agreed.period. alhamdulillah. our staying here is a good decision 🙂

the hotel is 800 birr..

after rest a bit, we went to edna mall.. (which i keep hearing it as ednamon and thought it was some kind like african style historic place, lol)

its about 15 minutes from the hotel by car ..

the mall is kinda like a pasar jatinegara (even jatinegara is better) 😀 with the cinema that looks like wira …

inside the mall, i was trying to find international chain fast food , but none..


maybe it’s KFC ethiopia’s version

in the street full of beggars .. seems scary though cause they looked at me like they want to eat me,or maybe it’s only my feeling..

after tired of just roaming around, we had rest for a while at kaldi’s coffee , One of the hippest coffee shops in Addis Ababa..

at night , we had our dinner in the restaurant near the hotel and we ordered shiro.. consist of Enjeraənǧära እንጀራ ) is an East African bread with a unique, slightly spongy texture. Traditionally made out of teff flour ,  it is a national dish in Ethiopia and Eritrea. the taste is kinda like bread vinegar for me.. ( shiro as per wikipedia ; a stew with primary ingredients of powdered chickpeas or broad bean meal )

day 2 ;

we went to piassa , merkato and post office – it’s the place people usually buy souvenirs (i wanna buy the ethio’s dress for mama) and try again the local dishes..

on the 2nd day we called elfas , he took us to one of his favourite restaurant ,and i ate the raw meat ;D


elfas ordered Bayonet , incase we can not eat the raw meat … bayonet is a popular fasting food for Ethiopians and consists of a few different vegetarian wats like lentils, pea powder, local greens, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and more.


*at the end i only able to eat 3 cubes of raw meat, they dont have any taste and its so cold. 😉

*elfas asked the waiter to cook it – cooked meat , they called it tibs ..

in piassa (inside haron tower , elfas told us to buy tomoca , the leading coffee company in Ethiopia.. he said it has been open since 1953 .

coffee is in fact very popular in Ethiopia.. and elfas told us proudly that Ethiopia is the one of the world’s largest coffee producer .. (dalem hati, Indonesia juga keleusss… lol )


passing Bob Marley statue

how Ethiopian drive makes me thinking– salute.. most of the traffic light in the junction is not working (except this one below) and yet they still can very tertib passing the junction ;D bravoo !


bus nya mirip busway di kita yaa ! 🙂

alpukat and mangganya kecil kecil. Elfas said “because we grow it without any chemical…”


Hamburg ! *Germanycountry#17

Hamburg is not in my ‘things to do before 30 years old’-list but since I read about kuhne from NUS website , I feel like let me visit this city while i got my multiple schengen visa from Netherland Embassy ..

I got the visa, i had the money but i didnt get my leave.. usual scenario of the realization of my dream… :S 😦

#well, let’s plan again next year~~ Ö)

soo.. yaa, i went there on 28 – 29 June 2015. i went only in my off days, i called up Hani, Zulfa’s friend who studying in universitait Hamburg doing her master degree, she said she will be busy and can only accompany me on the 28 night after 9 pm and on 29, ok then daijobu:)

It was my first trip I roam alone this year and it was my first trip alone wearing hijab too and it’s my first time to Europe(after London n turkey side ..errr) I mean, well you know…. It always scary when u out of your zone all by yourself ,, so yaa,, I was really really nervous that day, so I decided to watsapp someone (not sure why i chose him) looking for some soothing words even tough I know he’s not in a good mood to talk to me coz of my opinion about Melbourne (well,i think because of this) *am I being cheap? Hmmmm

was actually didn’t really expect that Hamburg will steal my heart, that I wanna go back there.. (and live there…) aminnn Ö)


a house in schiningbecktal in front of NDR TV station

i arrived in the afternoon and decided to go to the harbour ( stop in landungsbrüken Ubahn station) in harbour, i was sitting in the seafront before i decided to take fahre (ferry) to finkenwerder (it’s a free ride! )

DSC09619 DSC09629


the weather is quite hot, never thought that summer in europe is that much hot ..lol.. (but im still fasting! fighting!!)

i remember what Hani told me, if i cant, i should break the fast,, the maghrib is around 10 pm plus plus..

around 9pm , i need to go to Hamburg universitait’s library to meet up with Hani, with no phone connection to make sure my direction is right (im still using my karban blackberry), I took the train to Dammtor, and then took the bus 112 to the university.

i think last time i went to a university is last april, when i went to Tokyo Institute of Technology with Haima and ka Puspa.. hihi.. really love to hang around in this kind of places.. i just love the smell of an education’s institution.. it feels different. 😀


Hani took me inside of the library, i love it !


and then we went to look for a place to have dinner,, Hani took me to eat kumpir (in here, it’s with nachos! haha)




ini enak deehhh

from sternschanze , we went to altona to have kebab in koz urfa . in this restaurant, i saw many asian (read :Indonesian) .. *sepertinya tempatnongkrong org2 indo bgd, lol*


looking at the picture in front of koz urfa, i suddenly remember someone,,and it’s eckelhaft&schmerzhaft (sucks&hurting) **sakitnya sih mungkin krn gw beneran pengen dia jadi sama gw,tapi sepertinya dia gak suka sama gw, lol)


i love this picture 🙂

kalau abis ini dia gakda hubungi ,, gw harus beneran move on… krn gw gak mao IQ gw turun… https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn2051-rejection-massively-reduces-iq/  hehehe 😛

day 2 ;

i went to the the university again to shop the jacket and go round the campus. was thinking to join a class but i woke up late. feels so tired. huhuu…

**campus d eropa ternyata nya ada chair buat leyeh2… asikkk bgdd.. hehehe…


there is rickshaw inside the building! hohoo

i was about to take away the cheese cake in the cafe of the university, (the one Hani always told me about) that she said it’s very tasty, but unlucky, it’s sold out when i went there.. 😦

I tried pretzel in Haupthbahnhof ( central station ) and then being impulsive, i bought a laptop, (love the keyboard!) lol..


then go to airport to catch my flight back to Dubai,,

**got upgraded in Business class cause the flight was full, i was so nervous and scared they will not take me since i got the id 90’s ticket but then,,, alhamdulillah…. 🙂 🙂

more pictures…







Tokyo 4th trip ~~ 6-10 April 2015

I went to Tokyo this spring with Haima to chase Sakura ^.^

and we made promise that we will speak no English. hehehe.. we broke it a few times but still we manage to really really practice our nihongo skill 😀DSC07757

I met Haima in Narita airport as I went to Tokyo from Jakarta with ANA ( I hope Emirates will keep the agreement with this carrier otherwise T_T) then we had our dinner first in the foodcourt (2nd floor) in Terminal two . it’s halal restaurant. the name is ….

this time i stayed in Le monterey Ginza , it’s 15000 yen per night, divided two , so each of us paid 37500 yen.

my budget for this trip is AED 2600 (+290 dhs for the ticket CGK- NRT)  and it equals to 80000 yen 🙂

1st day :

Ueno koen – Asakusa – Shibuya (met tante Nita ) – Tokyo camii – Odaiba – hotel

2nd day :

8 april 2015

Raining and snowing !!!

we had onigiri as our breakfast from 7Eleven.

then we went to Tokyo Intl forum to take some pictures, Haima is admired the architecture. it’s the glass building.

after that we roam around in marunoichi area up to International Palace . then we went to Tokyo station to eat ramen .

It’s near yaesu north exit, behind the ticket counter opposite of daimaru.

then we went to akihabara – Ikebukuro to buy kitkat in kitkat boutique and then we went to Tokyo metropolitan to view Tokyo  from up.. after that we went to Ookayama campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology (to have campus tour with ka puspa) and then we ate tempura in a restaurant near mizunokuchi station , ka puspa and bang mol treat me and Haima.. 😀 😀

3rd day : 9 april 2015

Ghibli museum – Mt.Takao – and had our dinner in Sakura Hatagaya hostel  – I felt sick already , bought some medicine from the pharmacy ,, huhu…

4th day : 10 April – Haima roam around by herself and i took rest at the hotel. I just couldnt stand up anymore…Felt really sick.. 😦 😦

this day we suppose to meet Ibu Dwi and have lunch in Pasona office but maybe because i feel not well already , we couldnt find the place T_T so we end up ate ramen in Tokyo station again, and then I went back to hotel, Mbak Indah pay me a visit to the hotel.

night, around 2000 i went to the airport to catch my flight back to Dubai..

and i went to work on 11 april at 12pm , but only able to work for two hours, I asked Mehdi to release me early, he  agree to release me but what he said is not nice in my ears : he asked me whether I’m dying or not coz he is shortage of staff.. and me like :S seriouslyyyy???

when i went to the doctor, my temperature is 39 degrees, i got 3 days sick leave (which means i am really sick ) and the doctor asked me to go to lung and heart specialists in aster Al Fahidi.. I haven’t go untill now..  anyway, in short I thank God that ive been able to reach Dubai safely,coz seriuosly i felt like I’m between heaven and hell when im on the plane.. O:)

Syafakillah ziwa…


I went to Sapporo, Hokkaido, with Mariama and Tetty, we went there for snow festival .

this time, we went only for two and half day 😦 😦

day 1 :: we arrived almost midnight in Haneda , and waited in domestic departure hall to wait for our next flight to Chitose (Sapporo airport ) at 7 am in the morning.



we stayed in sapporo tobu hotel and paid AED 200 each

day 2 :: arrive in sapporo. rest a bit at the hotel and then out for the snow!!

it was snowing when we reached!

It was our first snow experience ever.



looks like a hijaber :D

looks like a hijaber 😀


scaryy :S

we spent whole day up to night in odori koen area.. enjoying the festival

day 3 : we are ready to go back to Tokyo – before going back to Dubai at night

in Tokyo we met mbak Indah and Tanaka san – ate halal ramen in shimbashi (toomuch delicious!!) it’s in a small alley opposite of a big train outside shimbashi station.


can’t wait to come back to Japan ❤


I just realized that I love Japan and I’ve been to Japan three times, but never write about it (X-X)

my first japan trip is to Tokyo (end of April , 2013 – after Capetown) I went there for three days only, I made a booking in Anne hostel Asakusa, but didnt have the chance to sleep even one night there – I ended up slept in my friend,Mbak Indah’s place

Budget : 1200 AED .

It’s been two years, and I’m trying to remember the trip.

Day 1 : rest . It’s already like 2200 pm when I reached mba Indah’s place (Shes staying opposite of tsukuji market!!)

view from balcony- tsukuji fish market :)

view from balcony- tsukuji fish market 🙂


Day 2 : I booked to watch sumo practice in Ryogoku in the morning from Voyagin. After from sumo practice I came back home and mba Indah already waiting for me to go to Sensoji and Hama rikyu garden (for the tea ceremony)



and then we went to Shibuya , roaming around.

end up in Shimbashi and ate yakiniku just opposite dr.foot . It was delicious!

day 3 : Mitsukoshi, Kabuki theathre in Ginza (suppose to watch it but the queue is too longg :S ) , lunch in ootoya.


after lunch, roaming around Ginza for a little while before heading back home before going to airport to go back to Dubai.

eat baum kuchen. nyummmmm

eat baum kuchen. nyummmmm


I loveJapan and want to come back again,the friendly people, the cleanliness and lots of cute things!

there is bicycle parking!

there is bicycle parking!


you have to separate the trash !


the toilet . 🙂


you can adjust the water temperature ^.^


cute!! isn’t it?? ❤ ❤

chile. (part 2)

Easter Island ( Rapa Nui ) is number nine in my list ( the 76 thing-before-turning-30) and it’s also our second stop in Chile.

Easter island is five hours from Santiago, the population of the island is less than 7000(as per wikipedia) and what is there to see. i will tell you, it’s the Moai. it is said that the weight around 82 tons. the statues are absolutely impressive but i can’t say i felt any spiritual response to the statues.

the only flight going to this island is LAN airways, one time daily and if there is two flights going on, it’s the one that going santiago- easter island- pape’ete, tahiti.

the very first thing that i notice when our flight landed in mataveri airport, is the clear blue sky and the cold weather, it’s colder than santiago. 67316_10152791613725792_9174920454233857602_n day 1 : 25 october 2014. we arrived around 11 o clock morning, and Antoinette is already waiting for us, usually the hotel you stayed provide you drop off n pick up service.

we stayed in Atavai hotel , we booked it for two days, it’s quite good hotel in a good price. we paid each 205 dirham..

Antoinette is helpful too. we met Jane, the local from Santiago, who stayed in the same hotel like us, so, we decided to go around and rent a car together. the price is 30,000 chilean pesos per day .

suzuki is our best friend during our stay in Rapa Nui.

suzuki is our best friend during our stay in Rapa Nui.

then we had some rest, we plan to start roaming around at 1430 pm. the first place we went is Anakena, the beach.

going fully covered to the beach . lol .. *it was very very cold !!!!*

going fully covered to the beach . lol .. *it was very very cold !!!!*



yaa, the popular thing in Rapa Nui, is Moai.

moai is everywhere in this island.

after from anakena, we ate in kanahau restaurant. situated in the center of Hanga Roa, in the middle of the main street Atamu Tekena. It’s quite expensive, i ate salmon and rice, it costs me 15000 pesos. but thank God, the food is quite nice.. i think most of the price here is double than in santiago.

just beside kanahau restaurant, there is kari kari, you can watch the traditional ballet show here. The show involved a lot of audience participation but I felt it little overly commercial. the price is 15000 pesos. maybe if only i have more money , i will watch it. (found a video in youtube after i come back to Dubai)

and here’s some of the music i like ;

it really provide me with a sense of Rapa Nui culture and give a glimpse of what people long for in this remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

day 2 ; 26 october 2014

i went to rano raraku and orongo

for rano raraku , you can buy the ticket at the airport ,in the arrival hall just right before you enter the baggage hall, it costs 30000 pesos or you can pay with us dollar also, but it costs 60 USD.

other place to buy the ticket is in conaf office, but i suggest you to buy it at the airport.





day 3 : 27 october 2014

me and tetty suppose to fly back to santiago then to puerto natales for our patagonia trip today, but sadly, the flight is full, so we couldn’t get onloaded. it’s only one flight daily, so we have to stay one more night in easter island.

we walked a little bit from the airport and found this small hostel named kona tau.

it costs us 25 dolar each for a night. we decided to spend the evening in tahai to see the sunset. we had difficulty of walking there, it’s too many dogs, and both of us feel scared cause most of the times, the dogs are following us, so, we decided to take taxi to tahai, we paid 2000 pesos each. quite pricey T_T

aahh.. you can get rapa nui stamp on your passport at the post office for 500 peso / 1 USD

day 4 ; 28 october 2014

couldn’t get onloaded again, because the hospital send 11 patients out to santiago T_T 😥

we were just getting frustated, have to stay one more night here.. our plan is really ruined. omg !!

at the end , me and tetty bought the full fare ticket for tomorrow’s flight, it’s 400 usd for one way to santiago. the staff there told us there is 9 seats available, but we were afraid of if the hospital has patients again and there is 8 staff waiting and me and tetty priority number 7 and 8, since we are other airlines’ staff . T_T

anyway, i think we did the right thing buying the full fare ticket, cause the day we flied ,  there is one patient from hospital with 1 nurse, and only four staff accepted. imagine if… oh noo !!

among those four staff, we met the other standby staff on our first attempt to get on the flight two days back, they are chilean, Cathy and her lil brother Esteban, they don’t really speak english well and both of us couldn’t speak spanish , shockingly, they speak Japanese, so we were trying to have a chat with my limited japanese skills. 🙂 we hope we’ll be able to meet again or maybe have japan trip together^o^

me and tetty already il-feel to continue our trip to patagonia, despite the fact that our money also almost finished, we decided just going straight back home. Sao Paulo – Dubai and then Jakarta, our leave is until 4 of november.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ :* :*


~~~~~~~ I got held by the police at the airport because of 2 oranges (which i bought in Santiago n haven’t finished it yet!) wuuaa

~~~~ total expenses of this trip :: overbudget (cause bought full fare ticket) : 7400 dirham..

this time : チリ (country no 15 !) – part 1

Since 2012, I want to go to Chile, since I saw Mas Adhiguna’s pictures and since i talked to Vidya about one of the most far island from Indonesia and somehow after that I found about patagonia in the internet. I thank God, I am able to make it comes true.

Alhamdulillah …. I like Chile. It is quite a beauty, i would say Chile is highly recommended , i had wonderful time ! {forget the fact that I’m not really able to eat there. it is just not my taste. ›_‹ }

my budget for 10 days in Chile : 6000 dirham . (LAN staff ticket dxb-gru-scl-ipc-scl-puq-scl-gru-dxb alone is already 3000) let’s see…

Santiago, our first stop in Chile. (day 1 :: 23 oct 2014) 10600503_10152791957385792_4992078838221257833_n I went there with Tetty, we took LAN airways from Sao Paulo to Santiago.

When we arrive at the airport we took TransVip (door to door shuttle service) to our hostel in Bellavista area. it cost around 6500 chilean peso. we exchange money at the airport , 1 USD is 560 peso. we know that outside will be much higher , but we don’t have peso at all,since we couldn’t exchange Chilean money in Dubai ( if you exchange it outside it will be around 580 peso).

one thing that i notice when i lined up for the immigration is they’re using digital number to let you know which counter that you have to go to proceed. nice eh! sorry,no picture since it is not allowed ^^

we arrive a las una in the afternoon, and decided just to have some sleep before we explore bellavista area.

we went out of our hostel around 5 pm, we need to eat!! last time we have a proper meal i think is in sao paulo airport when we just landed from Dubai. {consist of rice-chicken-and popmie noodles (i brought too many popmie from Indonesia)} so this time i told Tetty i want to eat rice, if we able to find it.

we walked until san cristobal hill, it’s about 10 minutes walking from our hostel. but we didn’t go up, our plan is to do it next day, first day is just relaxing and eating.

at the end i ate fried chicken n fries only n drink water. in the cafe, i didn’t see anyone else eating, except me n Tetty, it was 6 pm and still quite bright. we saw they are all drinking beer, one bottle-and another bottle.. i am amazed of how much actually chile people can drink ,the lady beside me, she finishes 2 bottles already when we left,and she still sitting there..

the food costs me 6800 pesos ..

ahh, the funny thing is the waitress is calling customer with pluit. haha 😀

btw, i think brazilian/chilean,they don’t eat using spoon, since all this while, they only provide me with knife and fork, even when i’m eating ricee!! holaa.. holaa… i’d prefer eating rice with chopsticks then 😉

day 2 :: 24 october 2014

we went out a little bit late, around 1200 pm, we had breakfast in the hostel and just laying down till we realized it’s afternoon already (yaah, we really are lazybumps!*)

anyway, we did plan to just take spicychile tour . it’s a free guided walking tour in English that based on tips. you can just show up for this tour, it doesn’t need an advance booking.

the meeting point is near la moneda palace, from baquedano station we took metro to La moneda station . we bought bip card to travel around,i think we paid 3500 peso including the deposit. metro in Santiago, is no punch out. they charge you 500 peso each time you punch in. It’s kinda like for about 1 dollar you can ride the metro to just about any destination in the city.

this is the door to go out from the metro station, you just need to push it.

there is no toilet inside the metro station, you have to go out and go inside any restaurant nearby (i feel dejavu when i did this, remind me of London :D)

about the train itself, i got a little dizzy ,since i’m not really a fan of the alcohol smell inside the metro and there is no AC too.

about PDA as well, Chile for me is just too extreme. — it actually makes me cringe whenever I see it. I just not get used to more than holding hands in public- lifestyle , those kind of stuff is just not happening in my country, in Malaysia, or in UAE.

Our guide from spicychile are Daniel and Caroline, they both are great. their English also clear. me and tetty don’t really know how much we should give them, so, each of us just gave them 5000 peso. hope it is an appropriate tips. O:)

one of the funny thing, is when Daniel asked us “where are you from?” and straight away replied with “what are you guys doing here?” with his frown face when tetty told him we are from Indonesia. =>_<=

but seriously, I was so surprised when i found out that most of the people in Santiago, couldn’t even understand basic English like one , two , three, or thank you.

another thing surprise me is when i asked daniel and caroline about is there any masjid in Santiago, he doesn’t even know mosque/masjid  is the name of muslim’s holyplace. not sure the name in spanish though..

our tour is about 3 hours and end in San Cristobal hill. if we want to go up, we should go by ourself, so, we say goodbye to Daniel and Caroline. we bought the ticket to go up, 2000 peso for return trip. ( going up with the train ,, for me, it is like Penang hill )


10474731_10152791608765792_3900782586047764147_n          10305612_10152791608730792_3644612829462893399_n


10365748_10152791609710792_1211681170934766262_n 1466206_10152791611205792_7587024877030568013_n

during the tour, we ate empanada in a cafe near plaza de armas, Daniel and Caroline showed us one ice cream shop in Lastarria neighbourhood. they said it is one of the best ice cream in the world. the name is helladeria emporio la rosa. me and tetty straight away make plan to come back later at night on our own. i love the ice cream! i chose lucuma flavour as i never heard of it and one of the staff who can speak little English told me that it is a local fruit.



 more about lucuma is here 

the highlight of today trip is …

me and Tetty missed the last train to go down from the hill. the last train is at 1945 , but we were really enjoying the view of sunset ,,and when we realized it’s 1950 !! we missed the train by 5minutes!!!!  しかたがない T_T we have to forced ourselves to walk. どうしょもない !

we’ve been walking down for more than 2 hours, and while walking we were trying to stop some cars that pass us. but none of them stop. we both are girls, c’mon! we also afraid of you. It was my first time experience hitchhiking!   

it’s the car number 11 that stop and willing to let us join the ride. it’s a pick up car, the driver is Indiana man with his 3 children and 1 grandma. we were sooo happyyyy !!! I thank God for sending me him, and I thank him for the ride. we both were very shocked to learn that it was still very-very-too much far from downtown. omg! couldn’t imagine if we are still walking maybe we will reach downside in the afternoon (it’s not hyperbola :P)

more photos..

the bus mirror is so dark!

circus in the traffic light

circus in the traffic light




police car

on our way to baquedano station

this time : ロンドン #UKcountry number 14.

it is so not in my list (the 76 things i want to do before turning 30 -list. ) but im glad i went there. I went there 3-9 september 2014.

i went to ロンドン with Xuefang Guan , my lovely chinese friend.

budget : 5000 – over budget : 5700 dhs. 

we bought oyster card for 45 pounds valid for 7 days .

the surprise today :       DSC02273  i need water !! lol 😛

we stayed in holiday inn express, Wimbledon. we paid around 3100 dhs for 6 nights. (divided two) it takes 1,5 hour from Heathrow to our hotel, and when we arrive, we request for the front room with the view, (just to find out that it is so much noisy that we couldn’t sleep and then request to change room on our 2nd night X_X) we should listen to nigel (the receptionist)! 😀

about 1 hour later,we went out from hotel to find some food and look around, we ended up in saintsbury, and eat in the cafetaria in front of it. (i forgot the name 😦   another one thing that surprise me is the opening times of shops there


imagine,, at 2000 ! so much different with Dubai, even Jakarta/ KL.

day 2 ; 4 september ::: buckingham palace , i never think that buckingham palace tour will be cost almost our entire day , i should bear in mind that it is a HUGE palace, lol…

DSC02548 DSC02528 DSC02483

DSC02549 DSC02590

DSC02553 DSC02604

after buckingham palace we went to A&V museum , national history museum, harrods then we go to Soho to have some food .we ate in princci ,italian restaurant  おいしい い !out of 10, i will give 8,5 to this restaurant 🙂 onaka ippai desu yooo ^.^ after that we walked through the leicester square area and entered national potrait museum, i bought a london tote bag there for 10 pounds. ❤ it..

day 3 ; 5 september 2014 ::: today our route is london eye – tate modern – shakespare’s globe and around.




love her singing dont look back in anger . LOVE.LOVE.LOVE it somuch!

we just keep walking till we were in borough market and i can see the shard.  we had our lunch in itsu . i like the concept of the restaurant, it’s nice. im giving 8,5 😉  for our dinner we went back to leicester square and decided to eat in korean restaurant named corean chili , just beside underground station. the taste of the food was sooo – ,, sigh.. I’m upset and xuefang was more upset* maybe because our expectation is high on the restaurant. out of ten, i think 6 is enough.

day 4th ; 6 september 2014 .. meet claire !!


lunch at Jamie’s union jack covent garden 

i bought shirt from ben sherman and charla of Dr. martens :* alhamdulillah,, thanku Allah.. O:) two brands which i always dream of having ~

♣♣ we forgot to ask the VAT – tax refund form from the store, otherwise we can get at least food money for 5 days in Dubai 😦

surprise of the day : toilet inside the restaurant there is like public toilet,that everyone can use it, no complaint from the staff /warning on the door itself >=<

hyde park


While I love to visit here, I need to find my own spot, my own environment where I and my creativeness thrive ( i forgot from where i got this words)

arsenal and tower of london

 DSC05352 DSC02957

i bought a cap in the tower shop for abdee ❤

we had our dinner in la tasca , victoria.

day 5th ; 7 september 2014 ::: British museum , masjid in goodge street , sherlock holmes museum  , regent’s park.

today, i managed to put one Quran in one of masjid in london. the name is muslim league world, it’s only a square and not that big, you can miss it if you don’t really pay attention.

hope whoever read the Quran, i will get the good deeds from it even if i am already dead O:)

♦ how to go there from British museum ; turn right from the museum on to totenham court road n turn right – walk for 4-5 minutes from goodge street , it’s after tesco and pizza place ♦

baker street ~~~ the sherlock holmes museum price is 10 pounds.

DSC05699 DSC05694DSC05722

we drop by in regent’s park  and on our way back to hotel we stopped in elephant and castle -had our dinner in wetherspoon the rockingham arms , we ordered the traditional british food (it’s the name of the menu)

day 6th ; 8 september 2014 :: Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio and Camden .

how to get there ~ we took the tube and stop in Euston ,the overland train from Euston to watford junction for about 18 minutes and from watford junction we took the HP shuttle bus for about 15 minutes . the bus fare is 2 pounds return. we need to keep the ticket with us,for the coming back.

surprise today : it’s my first time to wear seat belt on the bus . 😀

DSC05830 - Copy DSC06385 - Copy DSC05833

uncle Idrus suggest me to go to camden if i have time.

So here I was, in camden  . It was 6pm and was already getting dark when I reached town .


we ate in sushi salsa, before heading back to hotel. quite a journey ~ thanku Uncle !!

day 7th ; flying back to Dxb with Emirates A380 ♥

surprise again ; NO immigration out of London , woww.. amazing.. hehehe

~~ for the food expenses , we spent 8-17 pounds each time we eat.

ありがとう ございます!!domou arigatou gozaimashita xuenechan for the amazing one week london escape, forgive all the minus and annoying behaviour ,, :*  DSC02902