DSC07354 DSC07355 DSC07358i don’t know since when i like collecting coins, but every time i got a different pattern on one dirham coins, it gives me a happy feeling ,, lol ūüėÄ

bahagia itu sederhana .. happiness is that simple ~~

chile. (part 2)

Easter Island ( Rapa Nui ) is number nine in my list ( the 76 thing-before-turning-30) and it’s also our second stop in Chile.

Easter island is five hours from Santiago, the population of the island is less than 7000(as per wikipedia) and what is there to see. i will tell you, it’s the Moai.¬†it is said that the weight around 82 tons. the statues are absolutely impressive but i can’t say i felt any spiritual response to the statues.

the only flight going to this island is LAN airways, one time daily and if there is two flights going on, it’s the one that going santiago- easter island- pape’ete, tahiti.

the very first thing that i notice when our flight landed in mataveri airport, is the clear blue sky and the cold weather, it’s colder than santiago. 67316_10152791613725792_9174920454233857602_n day 1 : 25 october 2014. we arrived around 11 o clock¬†morning, and Antoinette is already waiting for us, usually the hotel you stayed provide you drop off n pick up service.

we stayed in Atavai hotel , we booked it for two days, it’s quite good hotel in a good price. we paid each 205 dirham..

Antoinette is helpful too. we met Jane, the local from Santiago, who stayed in the same hotel like us, so, we decided to go around and rent a car together. the price is 30,000 chilean pesos per day .

suzuki is our best friend during our stay in Rapa Nui.

suzuki is our best friend during our stay in Rapa Nui.

then we had some rest, we plan to start roaming around at 1430 pm. the first place we went is Anakena, the beach.

going fully covered to the beach . lol .. *it was very very cold !!!!*

going fully covered to the beach . lol .. *it was very very cold !!!!*



yaa, the popular thing in Rapa Nui, is Moai.

moai is everywhere in this island.

after from anakena, we ate in kanahau restaurant. situated in the center of Hanga Roa, in the middle of the main street Atamu Tekena. It’s quite expensive, i ate salmon and rice, it costs me 15000 pesos. but thank God, the food is quite nice.. i think most of the price here is double than in santiago.

just beside kanahau restaurant, there is kari kari, you can watch the traditional ballet show here. The show involved a lot of audience participation but I felt it little overly commercial. the price is 15000 pesos. maybe if only i have more money , i will watch it. (found a video in youtube after i come back to Dubai)

and here’s some of the music i like ;

it really provide me with a sense of Rapa Nui culture and give a glimpse of what people long for in this remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

day 2 ; 26 october 2014

i went to rano raraku and orongo

for rano raraku , you can buy the ticket at the airport ,in the arrival hall just right before you enter the baggage hall, it costs 30000 pesos or you can pay with us dollar also, but it costs 60 USD.

other place to buy the ticket is in conaf office, but i suggest you to buy it at the airport.





day 3 : 27 october 2014

me and tetty suppose to fly back to santiago then to puerto natales for our patagonia trip today, but sadly, the flight is full, so we couldn’t get onloaded. it’s only one flight daily, so we have to stay one more night in easter island.

we walked a little bit from the airport and found this small hostel named kona tau.

it costs us 25 dolar each for a night. we decided to spend the evening in tahai to see the sunset. we had difficulty of walking there, it’s too many dogs, and¬†both of us feel scared cause most of the times, the dogs are following us, so, we decided to take taxi to tahai, we paid 2000 pesos each. quite pricey T_T

aahh.. you can get rapa nui stamp on your passport at the post office for 500 peso / 1 USD

day 4 ; 28 october 2014

couldn’t get onloaded again, because the hospital send 11 patients out to santiago T_T ūüė•

we were just getting frustated, have to stay one more night here.. our plan is really ruined. omg !!

at the end , me and tetty bought¬†the full fare ticket for tomorrow’s flight, it’s 400 usd for one way to santiago. the staff there told us there is 9 seats available, but we were afraid of if the hospital has patients again and there is 8 staff waiting and me and tetty priority number 7 and 8, since we are other airlines’ staff . T_T

anyway, i think we did the right thing buying the full fare ticket, cause the day we flied , ¬†there is one patient from hospital with 1 nurse, and only four staff accepted. imagine if… oh noo !!

among those four staff, we met the other standby staff on our first attempt to get on the flight two days back, they are chilean, Cathy and her lil brother Esteban, they don’t really speak english well and both of us couldn’t speak spanish , shockingly, they speak Japanese, so we were¬†trying to have a chat with my limited japanese skills. ūüôā we hope we’ll be able¬†to meet again or maybe have japan trip together^o^

me and tetty already il-feel to continue our trip to patagonia, despite the fact that our money also almost finished, we decided just going straight back home. Sao Paulo РDubai and then Jakarta, our leave is until 4 of november.

‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ :* :*


~~~~~~~ I got held by the police at the airport because of 2 oranges (which i bought in Santiago n haven’t finished it yet!) wuuaa

~~~~ total expenses of this trip :: overbudget (cause bought full fare ticket) : 7400 dirham..