hello.. marhaba … irrashaimase ^O^


My name is Ziwa and I’m Indonesian, currently I’m living in Dubai.

I started writing here when I was studying my bachelor’s degree in USM,Penang, Malaysia. basically, it is just for my escapade and my memoir.

this year (2014) , I started learning Japanese , getting involved in the election committee got my first article published in Utusan Malaysia newspaper and etc, trying my best to make my life more meaningful and since it’s almost my forth year in the same role of the company, I hope there will be some changes in my career and in my personal life too as my age reaching more than quarter of century already. O:)

Drop me a note anytime , Insya Allah I’ll respond and I’m happy to hear from you.

Enjoy and thank you 🙂



7 thoughts on “4-6-4-9

  1. Ziwaaa…Do u remember me..im Tika..I lost u,im looking for u for bout 5 years.i Contact ure phone number in Malaysia..Slh org ternyata..Can I get ur Contact?

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