Failed ? 

I don’t like living paycheck to paycheck ,, I’m mad at myself if I don’t have saving at all to even buy that cheese cake I want orto go to Dubai mall n buy a cup of cinnamon yogurt in yogurt land . just like right now ,, i sent too much this month home yes,, I agreed. but those are should be in my calculation already ,, it should be there in my extra expenses , it should be there in my emergency funds! 😭

I hate it when I feel like I’m a loser in managing my own money . I hate it when I feel I failed . Failed as a person , failed as a working person , or failed as a daughter..

That’s when the sentences you’re amazing came in my mind again,, it was from a friend , it was indeed makes me laugh.. How come ? I still can’t believe that it isn’t a sarcasm 😱😱😶


Tentang perempuan

Kata2 “tergantung suami” …. it’s annoying and I’m annoyed makanya memutuskan untuk nulis tentang ini..

saya gak setuju banged dehhh 😦

Akhlak baik bila suami … Wth !! Kenapa jadi bila suami? Jadi peranan orang tua si perempuan gak dianggep? Pendidikan ? Family background ? Helllooo 🙈🙈

Pintar bila suami … Ini ngaco! Kemana rasa haus si perempuan akan ilmu? Kemana lari nya ambisi diri ?

Salehah bila suami…  Ini makin ngaco lagi,, it is the woman’s own responsibility to strive for Jannah and make herself closer to Her creator !

Jangan bila suami,, jangan tergantung suami,, suami memang tugasnya memimpin tapi biarlah tergantung pada diri sendiri… Sama sama memantapkan diri masing masing..