That moment when your passnger : there is no someone to assist put the bag on the belt ya’ni ?

Me : No ma’am , there is porter service outside if you need one

Pax : ghali ,, so how now I can’t lift things,,   it’s heavy ( 27kgs)

—- if you can’t even pay 35 dirham for the porter to help you shame on the things that you wear, LV bag and Rolex watch ,, seriously ? Lol , I’m laughing !

アジスアベバ #countryno21 !

I went with Mariama on our off days

9-10 dec 2015

And yappari!! Bau nya sangat sangat khassss !! starting from inside the plane ….. :S


the sky of Addis

we can not exchange Ethio’s money in Dubai so we bring USD with us to be exchanged in Addis.

the rate 1 usd : 21 birr  ( my budget for this trip : 142 USD = 2984 birr )


berasa d nuyok, yellow taxiss.. hahaaa

first day ::

we arrived around 2 pm (flight is departed late almost 1 hour from Dubai) and the immigration queue is not so long but it moves very very slow..

after exchange our money, we were trying to look out for our hotel pick up which is …. none… X_X !!!

ok then , lets make a phone call.. thats when we realized .. we can not use our roaming services! we were trying to look for public phone or sim card provider store when this guy came to us and said come come,, let me help you, — we said boldly, NO, thank you, we have pick up hotel arrangement already.. but then he said you’re coming from Dubai if it is late then the guy must be left already,you can call the hotel from landline over there (pointing on counter which i believe his hotel’s counter ) and the public phone is not working (true!) and if you want to buy sim card it’s outside — probably he’s bluffing and not sure why , still, we follow him to make the phone call. X_x

the other guy at the counter is the one making the phone call to our hotel. his name is Elfas . after waiting for a while, our pick up arrives and Elfas said he is off tomorrow and would be glad to take us around — we pay any amount we want,,, should we trust him and say yes.. we both looked each other, kind of asking each other, 🙂

while waiting for the pick up, elfas teach us some of amharic words (the language of Ethiopia)


we stayed at Zola international hotel.. as review it’s a good hotel , four stars, clean and safe ! — agreed.period. alhamdulillah. our staying here is a good decision 🙂

the hotel is 800 birr..

after rest a bit, we went to edna mall.. (which i keep hearing it as ednamon and thought it was some kind like african style historic place, lol)

its about 15 minutes from the hotel by car ..

the mall is kinda like a pasar jatinegara (even jatinegara is better) 😀 with the cinema that looks like wira …

inside the mall, i was trying to find international chain fast food , but none..


maybe it’s KFC ethiopia’s version

in the street full of beggars .. seems scary though cause they looked at me like they want to eat me,or maybe it’s only my feeling..

after tired of just roaming around, we had rest for a while at kaldi’s coffee , One of the hippest coffee shops in Addis Ababa..

at night , we had our dinner in the restaurant near the hotel and we ordered shiro.. consist of Enjeraənǧära እንጀራ ) is an East African bread with a unique, slightly spongy texture. Traditionally made out of teff flour ,  it is a national dish in Ethiopia and Eritrea. the taste is kinda like bread vinegar for me.. ( shiro as per wikipedia ; a stew with primary ingredients of powdered chickpeas or broad bean meal )

day 2 ;

we went to piassa , merkato and post office – it’s the place people usually buy souvenirs (i wanna buy the ethio’s dress for mama) and try again the local dishes..

on the 2nd day we called elfas , he took us to one of his favourite restaurant ,and i ate the raw meat ;D


elfas ordered Bayonet , incase we can not eat the raw meat … bayonet is a popular fasting food for Ethiopians and consists of a few different vegetarian wats like lentils, pea powder, local greens, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and more.


*at the end i only able to eat 3 cubes of raw meat, they dont have any taste and its so cold. 😉

*elfas asked the waiter to cook it – cooked meat , they called it tibs ..

in piassa (inside haron tower , elfas told us to buy tomoca , the leading coffee company in Ethiopia.. he said it has been open since 1953 .

coffee is in fact very popular in Ethiopia.. and elfas told us proudly that Ethiopia is the one of the world’s largest coffee producer .. (dalem hati, Indonesia juga keleusss… lol )


passing Bob Marley statue

how Ethiopian drive makes me thinking– salute.. most of the traffic light in the junction is not working (except this one below) and yet they still can very tertib passing the junction ;D bravoo !


bus nya mirip busway di kita yaa ! 🙂

alpukat and mangganya kecil kecil. Elfas said “because we grow it without any chemical…”