It’s never been easy to say goodbye , 

Well maybe it’s only me…

It’s funny how you think you pretty close with each other yet you are not worth it to be told that she/ he is leaving the country for good 😦 

As last two months most of the staff left without saying anything,,, 

I’m deeply shocked when I found out from Chere that Teppei left Dubai already.. 

But I’m glad teppei still reply my watsapp 🙂

Well,, thanks for being one of the best team mates ever  , (3 years in the same shift) I wish you all the best for your next adventure 🌸🌷🌱🌴 

Tentang xes

Nemu article di share sama vina ,,


Woww, apa memang looks is really that important…


Tiba2 keinget aja kata katanya captain Anas – si pemilik helicopter

Even if I like her too much , I just can’t imagine having sex with her , so that is why I didn’t proceed …..

 Dan lagi ,

Apa memang  body bohai are really that important …. ( it is important though!) but , I mean…