on the day of the speech presentation at maraya art centre

オカンとオトン と ka puspa. ❤ at assalam masjid okachimachi


ochikonderu mitai… shigoto wa.. nan tomo ienai.. kanben shite T_T

2015 kibou ne… nihongo perapera da,, surasura yomeru yo to atarashi shigoto O:)

kotsukotsu benkyo shiteru ,, akiramenaide ズィワ !!!


(ولسوف يعطيك ربك فترضى)

“Dan sungguh, kelak Tuhanmu pasti memberikan karunia-Nya kepadamu, sehingga engkau menjadi puas”. (Adh Dhuha: 5)

(وَاصْبِرْ لِحُكْمِ رَبِّكَ فَإِنَّكَ بِأَعْيُنِنَا )

“Dan bersabarlah menunggu ketetapan Tuhanmu, karena sesungguhnya engkau berada dalam pengawasan Kami…” . (Ath Thur: 48)

this time : チリ (country no 15 !) – part 1

Since 2012, I want to go to Chile, since I saw Mas Adhiguna’s pictures and since i talked to Vidya about one of the most far island from Indonesia and somehow after that I found about patagonia in the internet. I thank God, I am able to make it comes true.

Alhamdulillah …. I like Chile. It is quite a beauty, i would say Chile is highly recommended , i had wonderful time ! {forget the fact that I’m not really able to eat there. it is just not my taste. ›_‹ }

my budget for 10 days in Chile : 6000 dirham . (LAN staff ticket dxb-gru-scl-ipc-scl-puq-scl-gru-dxb alone is already 3000) let’s see…

Santiago, our first stop in Chile. (day 1 :: 23 oct 2014) 10600503_10152791957385792_4992078838221257833_n I went there with Tetty, we took LAN airways from Sao Paulo to Santiago.

When we arrive at the airport we took TransVip (door to door shuttle service) to our hostel in Bellavista area. it cost around 6500 chilean peso. we exchange money at the airport , 1 USD is 560 peso. we know that outside will be much higher , but we don’t have peso at all,since we couldn’t exchange Chilean money in Dubai ( if you exchange it outside it will be around 580 peso).

one thing that i notice when i lined up for the immigration is they’re using digital number to let you know which counter that you have to go to proceed. nice eh! sorry,no picture since it is not allowed ^^

we arrive a las una in the afternoon, and decided just to have some sleep before we explore bellavista area.

we went out of our hostel around 5 pm, we need to eat!! last time we have a proper meal i think is in sao paulo airport when we just landed from Dubai. {consist of rice-chicken-and popmie noodles (i brought too many popmie from Indonesia)} so this time i told Tetty i want to eat rice, if we able to find it.

we walked until san cristobal hill, it’s about 10 minutes walking from our hostel. but we didn’t go up, our plan is to do it next day, first day is just relaxing and eating.

at the end i ate fried chicken n fries only n drink water. in the cafe, i didn’t see anyone else eating, except me n Tetty, it was 6 pm and still quite bright. we saw they are all drinking beer, one bottle-and another bottle.. i am amazed of how much actually chile people can drink ,the lady beside me, she finishes 2 bottles already when we left,and she still sitting there..

the food costs me 6800 pesos ..

ahh, the funny thing is the waitress is calling customer with pluit. haha 😀

btw, i think brazilian/chilean,they don’t eat using spoon, since all this while, they only provide me with knife and fork, even when i’m eating ricee!! holaa.. holaa… i’d prefer eating rice with chopsticks then 😉

day 2 :: 24 october 2014

we went out a little bit late, around 1200 pm, we had breakfast in the hostel and just laying down till we realized it’s afternoon already (yaah, we really are lazybumps!*)

anyway, we did plan to just take spicychile tour . it’s a free guided walking tour in English that based on tips. you can just show up for this tour, it doesn’t need an advance booking.

the meeting point is near la moneda palace, from baquedano station we took metro to La moneda station . we bought bip card to travel around,i think we paid 3500 peso including the deposit. metro in Santiago, is no punch out. they charge you 500 peso each time you punch in. It’s kinda like for about 1 dollar you can ride the metro to just about any destination in the city.

this is the door to go out from the metro station, you just need to push it.

there is no toilet inside the metro station, you have to go out and go inside any restaurant nearby (i feel dejavu when i did this, remind me of London :D)

about the train itself, i got a little dizzy ,since i’m not really a fan of the alcohol smell inside the metro and there is no AC too.

about PDA as well, Chile for me is just too extreme. — it actually makes me cringe whenever I see it. I just not get used to more than holding hands in public- lifestyle , those kind of stuff is just not happening in my country, in Malaysia, or in UAE.

Our guide from spicychile are Daniel and Caroline, they both are great. their English also clear. me and tetty don’t really know how much we should give them, so, each of us just gave them 5000 peso. hope it is an appropriate tips. O:)

one of the funny thing, is when Daniel asked us “where are you from?” and straight away replied with “what are you guys doing here?” with his frown face when tetty told him we are from Indonesia. =>_<=

but seriously, I was so surprised when i found out that most of the people in Santiago, couldn’t even understand basic English like one , two , three, or thank you.

another thing surprise me is when i asked daniel and caroline about is there any masjid in Santiago, he doesn’t even know mosque/masjid  is the name of muslim’s holyplace. not sure the name in spanish though..

our tour is about 3 hours and end in San Cristobal hill. if we want to go up, we should go by ourself, so, we say goodbye to Daniel and Caroline. we bought the ticket to go up, 2000 peso for return trip. ( going up with the train ,, for me, it is like Penang hill )


10474731_10152791608765792_3900782586047764147_n          10305612_10152791608730792_3644612829462893399_n


10365748_10152791609710792_1211681170934766262_n 1466206_10152791611205792_7587024877030568013_n

during the tour, we ate empanada in a cafe near plaza de armas, Daniel and Caroline showed us one ice cream shop in Lastarria neighbourhood. they said it is one of the best ice cream in the world. the name is helladeria emporio la rosa. me and tetty straight away make plan to come back later at night on our own. i love the ice cream! i chose lucuma flavour as i never heard of it and one of the staff who can speak little English told me that it is a local fruit.



 more about lucuma is here 

the highlight of today trip is …

me and Tetty missed the last train to go down from the hill. the last train is at 1945 , but we were really enjoying the view of sunset ,,and when we realized it’s 1950 !! we missed the train by 5minutes!!!!  しかたがない T_T we have to forced ourselves to walk. どうしょもない !

we’ve been walking down for more than 2 hours, and while walking we were trying to stop some cars that pass us. but none of them stop. we both are girls, c’mon! we also afraid of you. It was my first time experience hitchhiking!   

it’s the car number 11 that stop and willing to let us join the ride. it’s a pick up car, the driver is Indiana man with his 3 children and 1 grandma. we were sooo happyyyy !!! I thank God for sending me him, and I thank him for the ride. we both were very shocked to learn that it was still very-very-too much far from downtown. omg! couldn’t imagine if we are still walking maybe we will reach downside in the afternoon (it’s not hyperbola :P)

more photos..

the bus mirror is so dark!

circus in the traffic light

circus in the traffic light




police car

on our way to baquedano station