how i become Indonesian in Dubai

Penang, Malaysia – April 2010 

She laughs so loud when i told her I’m thinking to apply for a job in Emirates, told me don’t dream so high, and be realistic. (that moment when air asia cancelled the route to Abu Dhabi and the fact that i feel career link in Emirates’s website is blinking, lol ) 

She left me stoned. In my mind running the question, aren’t dreams made to be high so that we can aim higher? and again, WHY. is there anything funny? aren’t you my best friend who just asked me what am i gonna do during my jobless period, who i think suppose to just listen to me and support me mentally in any way you can? 

she still cant stop laughing when she finally told me “if my husband who can speak four languages and so much national dialect can’t even get into emirates,why can you ? ” I just sealed my lips. in my heart i whisper, she is wrong God, let me prove it.

after that incident, my days are like other job-seeker, sending email, going to job fair, asking person to another person if they have any connection reading newspaper , browsing and the list go on. 

Jakarta, Indonesia, August 2010

it’s more than half of the year that I’m unemployed. been kicked out from my friend’s house ,been treated like you have no value, been humiliated by your (used to be colleagues). just mention it, i’ve been there.

I start to feel like I am a big loser when i applied everywhere, and no reply even one.

I start to disappear from anyone. set status to hiatus.

I know God is listening, I asked HIM many times.

I know God is aware of my pain, I’m trying my best to keep my faith.

I cried to mom, dad , I cried to HIM, I cried for the feeling of failure. for the feeling my life is having no sense. I cried for HIM letting me down so long. I cried until I cant even cry. 

my mom told me to not let anyone convince me that i don’t deserve what i want . she said hold on to God, life is a wheel . that’s one of the sweetest song to my soul. I think she saved me by saying that.

on October 20 2010 , exactly, on my birthday, I received an email. when I even not hope for it, when let’s say i forgot about it. I’m glad God hear my prayer and since then i keep my card close to my chest.

I’ll never forget the day i flew for the first time with emirates, I’ll never forget the moment i was so excited to see stars above the ceiling of the plane, I’ll never forget the moment i did my first eye scan. I’ll never forget the moment i first arrive in Dubai airport which will be my workplace,i’ll never forget the shocked i am knowing the toilet can be flush by putting your palm on the sensor. Never forget the day i experienced my first sand storm (i think one of the greatest achievement for people living in Dubai is to walk outside during the storm) and the day i had my first summer (the first time i feel like i’m a grilled meat) the first time i saw Burj Khalifa, go top of it just to scream my name , the day i am able to touch the camel , ride the camel and eat the camel. ^.^

there is sentences that i always keep in my dream board and scrapbook

I am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it — I own everything about me: my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself. I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. I own my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes.

I own me, and therefore, I can engineer me. I am me, and I am Okay.” 
Denis2005 Virginia Satir quotes (American Psychologist and Educator, 1916-1988)

In life, when God leads you to the cliff, only one of two things will happen. God will either teach you how to fly or catches you when you fall. And things happen for a reason, and it’s definitely for the better…’

I’m a salary-woman in Dubai and a dreamer. I like backpacking and daydreaming. I wanted to learn and get trained.
I’m enjoying myself and eager to pursue a career in this country wholeheartedly.
I would like to have an opportunity as my learning platform to be a better travel-writer .
the idea that my writings and my pictures will be somewhere on the media is just makes my day. ^.^

im pretty sure that this post is there on my draft quite long ! hahhahaa.. 


kotoshi saigono hi desu..

and i just feel like i want to recap how my 2014 passed by..

600_324632592 600_324632572

January :

15 january 2014… exactly 3 years im in Dubai.. and i met chiaki chan for the first time at Safa park, when i went for ikebana workshop ..

25 January : my first time volunteering in Dubai, water for workers (the sameness project)


February :

8 feb 2014 — my first article in utusan malaysia,,

10-13 feb :  i went to Sapporo with Mariama and Tetty, flew again on J class (Japan Airlines,,) and it was my first time to see and touch snow ..

28 feb : it was my first time making origami ~




2nd of March : Vidya’s wedding

I cant put the picture, all are those time when i haven’t wear a hijab ..

11 March :

I made my first totoro cake at megumi’s house


April 8 :

i decided to wear hijab.. thank you haywires for the support ^^


April :

Joined Election committee in Dubai, for my country, Indonesia, ** thanksalot mas Adhiguna**


April 30 :

I’m in gulf news Japan Special Edition.. it was not really a good one actually 😦

June – August : work work work !!! save that money to resign ! (or travel ?) coz on

September 2014 : Londonnnnn ❤

October : took mom and dad to Tokyo for 3 days ,, wooohooo…

and October 2014 : Went to Chile ! Alhamdulillah, Allah…

I thank You for everything that happened in my life so far for this 2014, and thank You for letting me still be with my lovely parents, please let them be happy,, let them see what i see, and go to places that i went..

I love You , and please teach and guide me to be more grateful and faithful and closer to You

keep me away from those who has bad influence and from those who harm and bring negative energy for me.


******well,, this post suppose to be published on 31st December 2014. not sure why i posted it today,i just i checked my draft :D***

you CANT guess life :)

last week is been a hectic week for me and i was feeling a bit down due to the neediness of change in terms of “job” as you are aware that I started to feel bored and fed up(again) of my life, c’mon! ive been in the same position for more than 4 years man.. (goin to be five!!! )

soo, yaa,, mungkin cengeng and lemah bgd kdengerannya but that night, i did cry a river. sampai aku lelah dan bahkan sempat berfikir lelah hidup. (God,forgive me! T_T) then without i realized, morning came.. the sun is up and i am awake. my eyes wide open, I watsapp Vina,she also felt down and was crying the whole night too..hmm.. sorry, we are girls! we agree to just go out .. to anywhere,,,,

that afternoon, we decided to just roaming around festival city,from the abandoned theme park till the helipad,randomly snap pictures and try our best to feel relax..

then, this man came, told us that if we took in the middle of helipad, the view would be nicer, and then he opened the fench for us. (wow,so kind (y) ) we continue our photo session till sunset and nights. and then this man, came again, he turn on the lights and we were so amazed by the view. it’s just beautiful ^^


after we finished,when we walked back to our car, we said thank you to this man. and he introduced himself as Captain Anas, and he is the owner of the helipad. we were like oohh.. WOW.. OKAY… and he gave us the business card and we had a small chat when he suddenly said, so you want to see the view from the helicopter? when are you free ? saturday ?

we were really cant believe what we hear, so we were like hmm.. but we don’t have that amount of budget. that’s when he continue saying “it’s FOC on me” and we both were like “it’s like a dream for us, woww.. is it for real ?” and he straight away took out his phone and called his secretary,, “hey,please book two seat for the helicopter ride on saturday, VIP, FOC on me”

I just cant believe of what i heard and what had happened to me.. imagine, i was crying and feeling down the night before and got this life time chance to ride a helicopter in Dubai the next day… I swear,I really cant guess life…

the ride is for 22 minutes. our pilot that day is thiego, from Brazil.

the view ? it was AMAZING.. “mewah kalo kata Andi”  

but well, I will not deny that i prefer more fresh greenier view for my eyes right now..  😡


iseetheworld !!!

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the palm, my dear !!!

about the tongue.

you and your hijab are haram …

I pray to God, Allah will put you in Jahanam

it does bother me a bit.

I mean.. the one that talking is same age as my father, his daughter is also around my age, and all the reason he told me those thing is because of their excess luggage. which is NOT my mistake ..

it’s not my mistake if you don’t read the ticket allowance that one passenger entitled for one piece maximum weight 30kgs. it’s not my mistake when i asked you how many bags you have , you told me 4 and half bags. *do you understand the term of piece? is there anything called half piece of baggage?*

and when i told you, you have excess.. you straight away cursing me, swearing me that i am haram, that Allah will put me in Jahanam.

I was shocked. you wanna know how i felt that time? SAD and.. surprised. (but i did laugh too)

I dont even say anything . but you already with your emotion, letting those words out from your mouth, put my respect towards you down to the level of underground.

it almost end of my shift. I am tired after 10 hours working, and yet got cursed.

we are just doing our job, i have nothing to do with your luggage, why do you even able to curse and swear to me , a person whom you just met a couple minutes ago.. hmm….

astagfirullah, hasbiAllah wa ni’mal al wakil..

—– it’s been more than four year im working as a passenger service agent..  passenger always cursing me whenever they are angry,, i get used to it, and every time i got cursed by them, all i do is shut my mouth to keep my energy (and for the professionalism sake,they say) well,, yaa..and try to forget all about it ! 🙂

random things this week

i think you are a lesbi  – Gumie.

and i was like WTH ? But I’m laughing so hard!!

are you a local ?  – like 8/ 9 pax asked me this question this week as usual

Do I really look like an emirati ? 😀

wow! salute! you have a very strong mental then – Evie, Indonesian , 22 , (when she knows ive been almost five years in Dubai) she’s working in muscat for last 10 months and only plan to stay not more than 2 years.. 

well, i wonder… am I ? #onlymyparentsknowhowstruggleiam.. T_T#

Ziwa , you’re so funny, smart and wallahi you’re a good girl. the guy that get you must be lucky.. – Eldomiyaty

again , I wonder, loolll …    😦

change is good – Mas Luigi 

I do want a change,mas,, but dunno how T_T