country no 13 ; macau. not just for gamblers :)

i went to macau 5-6 december 2013 n now trying to recall it,,

my purpose going there actually i want to do bungee jumping in AJ Hackett . (i wasn’t really sure what i would find in Macau) and since Tedjo is still there , it would be really nice if at least i got someone who familiar with the place ^>^

as usual, i took z fare staff ticket cathay pacific from jakarta to hongkong and then took ferry to macau. you can take the ferry straight from inside the airport, and about your baggage, just show them the tag number, they will transfer it for free. (i was wrong, i went out from airport coz i thought i need to pick up my luggage first,, X_x extra expenses!)

it took only around 50 minutes to reach macau by ferry IMG-20131206-01575and it’s only 15 minutes by helicopter. the price for helicopter is 3000 HKD .

from macau ferry terminal, (not taipa) i took bus to conrad sands cotai central hotel from opposite of terminal (you can take this bus even you are not staying in the hotel ) the hotel is just opposite the venetian.

in conrad, there is free wifi in the first floor. i rushed contact tedjo, he’s working that time,so i told him, ill just roaming around by myself to venetian.

when you are in venetian, please look up! the ceiling is full of pictures,,, ❤



Inside the Venetian, there is San Luca Canal. you can ride a gondola (with the guy singing makes me feel like in Italia)

hmm.. talk about egg tart,it’s one of my, for food in macau, I didnt really eat out a lot, since i have my mom’s beef-rendang with me ^_^

this one caught my attention.. oopps… 😉


day 2 : we went to senado square.

I start my Macau tour here. I was walking from tedjo’s house to here. was a bit tired. but was happy when i see the bright colonial building,with the black and white mosaic floor while paper lanterns dangling across buildings. it was really a mix culture in the architecture (Portuguese and Chinese) . me likeyyy ❤

and it’s almost christmas, so the christmas decoration also are everywhere..


Tedjo took me to the Ruins of St. Paul , perhaps one of the best known historic attraction in Macau


and then we went to macau tower to do my bungee jumping .


but apparently, i am not allowed to take the bungee, because of my weight. they dont provide tandem bungee also. So, i did the skywalk.


Macau for me is an historically fascinating place and i would love to come back  ..


Batu Ceper-20131205-01428 ScreenShot_2013-12-09_18-37-16_by_s4bb


tomiya  inside macau tower.. ^0^