soo.. last february 20, I went to this event called middle east food & travel blogger conference, located in Alserkal avenue, Al Quoz, and it’s part of the Dubai food festival programme..

been long time I haven’t roam around alquoz area (since i move out from al Khail accommodation myb less than 10 times i went there) i was a bit nostalgic that time, and glad that now the area has changed from really sandy industrial area to at least many small cafes and cultural venue (still sandy though)

move on- soo.. this Alserkal avenue looks like not really popular among the taxi drivers, I have to look and read the direction to him few times, when he realised aah.. it’s near the home centre warehouse.. X_X (shame on me. ive been four years in Dubai and still not driving and blind about the road! T_T )



they gave free food for the participants.. *nyumm*



the event itself really gave me more insight about blogging and at the end how to be an influencer… which i don’t think i have that capacity yet.

despite of busy working, I’m not really productive as well:(


humility in our business is a sign of grace and passion… confidence combined with competence is the winning formula


it is important to always be willing to try, dare and push the limits. courage is essential


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