800 dhs for 3 days in seoul ;) #southkorea.countrynumber 8

this is about my journey to seoul, south korea for 3days and i prove it to myself i can go there and survive with the budget i set. the journey is on 8june -10 june ..

i flied from dubai to seoul with A380 . it was my first time being in the A380 plane . IT IS VERY BIGG !!! alhmdllh , once again thanku Allah for giving me the chance to fly with it…

i arrived in seoul in the evening and straight went to shimmian clinic to meet nofy ( its in gangnam area)

at night we went to myeongdong and after from myeongdong we went to itaewon ( stop in hongik univ stasion)

day 2 (9june12) : we moved from the clinic to bibim guest house (hongik university -exit 3 ) after drop our luggage we went to deoksugung palace to watch the changing of the guard ( timings is 11am,2pm, and 330 pm) its closed on monday and the whole month of january, and the ticket price is KRW1000. to get there , we took train line 1 , stop in cityhall subway station exit 2. from there , we went to insadong – stop at jonggak train station . in insadong we drink korean tea and we took pictures wearing hanbok ( korean traditional clothes) its quite expensive , the price for only taking pictures with hanbok is KRW20,000 ,- huuff,, and then do some souvenir hunting in insadong. I spent maybe another KRW20,000,-

and from insadong we went to myeongdong again, roaming around.

day 3 (10june12): from hongik university we took train to incheon airport and its only KRW4300 ,-

I love Incheon Airport , they have ice skating in the airport just out of entrance of korail station. and one cute thing, inside the airport is quite many police dogs. which is the thing i never see before in KLIA, QAIA ,Soetta or DXB Intl airport ;D

but then unlucky for me, since my ticket is subload staff ticket , the korean air to jakarta is full so i couldnt get onloaded. the staff there told me to try the next day , i might get a seat. thinking about the fact i would never over my budget,i decided to sleep at the airport. and surprisingly, incheon airport is not like dubai airport, it is not 24 hours . all restaurants and shops are closed at 11pm. and very rare i can find people sleeping on the chair or bench. just unlike in dubai airport which is too many ppl u can find sleep at the airport. ah yaa, about the restaurant there is one restaurant named lotteria is almost at the other side of the airport. it is 24hours.
but at least they have payphone facilities, the computer you can use but you have to pay by insert some coins. (good thing about airport in dubai , there is free computer facility ) and wi fi (yes ofcourse!)

anyway, the airport become crowded again around 7 in the morning.

and thanks God, i got onloaded . HELLO JAKARTA ! ❤ ❤ ❤ ~~~ (11June12)

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