Mahe Island , Seychelles. (countrynumber7)

i was really hate myself and feel envy to some of my college best friends,,i mean they got a very nice life and nice job(huff).. in spite of thinking about it too long, i decided to clean out my room and found my travel book, its randomly written along my journey..

theres an edition about seychelles. i traveled to Mahe Island on last 20-23 may 2012. i went there with kate.

about the airport : 1lovely fact about seychelles airport, it is small, so im not tired walking like when in dubai airport… when u get off out of plane you straight away arrive in immigration area, after immigration straight baggage hall . its almost same like bali though…

about the hotel : me and kate slept in coral strand hotel, we paid 400 dhs each, for 2nights. seychelles money is rupees, but dollar is widely used. if you want a guest house its alot, and the price range 80-100 euros per night. and the food price range is around 100-160 seychelles rupees .

from our hotel area,if we want to go to victoria,(which is the centre of city) we take the bus no 20 /22 and its only 5 rupees. i enjoyed victoria so much, its like an old town and being there is very relax.. even the people there seems so relaxing, they seem enjoy their life and do not have anything to think about..

well, the goal : step my foot in africa – check ! Thank you Allah ! Im sorry for always complainin about your blessings 😦

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