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The lingo among youths has evolved from the “LOL” and “ROFL” (rolling on the floor laughing) of the previous generation, to acronyms and phrases such as “like a boss”, “troll” or “facepalm”.

This whole new set of phrases and abbreviations are called “memes”.

Defined as “the act of doing something as a boss would do” by the Urban Dictionary, the latest generation of Internet users say “Like A Boss” to describe people who do things with an air of superiority and do not care about how others perceive them.

“Trolls” are those who target others with online jeers, while a “facepalm” moment is when you are left speechless by a foolish statement or act by another person.

Those who state the obvious, and post comments or status updates about things which everyone already knows, are now referred to as “Captain Obvious”.

Another favourite meme,, was the “Why you no….” phrase.

“If we are working late, I ask my friends ‘Why you no go back yet’?” or when my boss questions me, I think to myself, ‘Why you no understand?’,” he quipped.

Among the commonly used memes, she said, was “first world problems”, which is used to describe trivial frustrations or complaints.

“Whenever a friend complains that her drink is not hot enough or that she has to wake up early, we just roll our eyes and say ‘first world problems’.

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