eid Mubarak 

mohon maaf lahir bathin… biane… afwan… gomen nasai… 

happy eidl fitr everyone .. May Allah accept our prayers and fasting… amin.. 

my 6th eid in dubai , just realized I never celebrate eid home anymore .. Skype is enough … (?) 

my first eid in dubai ; I got leave in Ramadhan so on eid I have to work.. 

second eid ; I had off but the next next day I had to work. as I remember I was trying to go home (for a day !) but got offloaded cause the flight was full

third eid ; mom and dad were here with me ❤️

fourth eid ; I had to work on eid day and had afternoon tea the day after in Bloomsbury with Chiaki and Ibti 

fifth eid ; I had night shift . still manage to go to open house of masbaldi and Vina took me to one of her friend’s open house; and I just got back from the experience of fasting in Europe ! (Hamburg , Geneva and Utrecht ) 

6th eid ; I had to work on eid day , eid treats doughnuts Krispy Kreme with Jocson and today will spend the day with Virgie .. 


kosong kosong yaa.. and let me embrace my new life 🙂 

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