after Reem πŸ’ž

  1. I’m not fond of sharing my lipstick or straw in a drink
  2. I dont like people to sit on my bed In their outside clothes
  3. till this day I don’t know how to swim or whistle
  4. I love it when people said I can’t do or be something, it makes me want to work harder n prove them wrong
  5. I love ice cream very much, I even try to make an ice cream but failed.. one of my wish list is to visit the ice cream festival in Germany .. (76 things before 30 years old!)
  6. some colleagues say I’m intimidating (myb they conclude that after seeing me handling a crazy passengers) but honestly I’m so weak in front of a guy i like which makes me hate myself
  7. I cant drink soda. I feel like vomitting after drinking it
  8. I can understand Arabic or Japanese more than speaking it
  9. I love collecting 1 dirham coin or others country’s coin..
  10. I love to keep other country’s money too ( notes) at least one (when I got back from that country or my friend always give me as a gift or souvenir ; ) I have this belief ; having that country’s note means ill go there πŸ˜…πŸ˜…βœŒπŸ»οΈ
  11. I love collecting snowballs too , so far I have 60 snowballs 😍😍😍
  12. I used to think I don’t need a man till Im 25 years old.. (Ghaith n mom even told me this) I mean I can provide for myself . sometimes If I overthink about it, I feel like maybe if I’m with a guy, it’s purely because I want to be with the guy, but why? because I don’t like to be alone at night ? or what? I do really feel Im getting fragile year by year,,, should i blame the hormone ?
  13. I love babiessss ,, lol
  14. I’ve never work in Indonesia and have no idea why whenever I apply a job in my country I never get called even for an assessment 😰😰😭
  15. I never have long hair till I’m 20 years old. and now I intend to make my hair braided like Mariama ❀️
  16. I never have female close friend till I’m in senior high school.
  17. I don’t like people taking my picture without my permission ( passengers always do this! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘)
  18. I used to be a traditional dancer and few times performed on stage in TMII
  19. I don’t like cats
  20. when my grandpa still alive – we always go on cruise to Christmas Island every year. He even the one that introduce me to Swaziland. (learning to swim in Swaziland by Nila K Leigh is my first English book) omG, I miss him so much ..😒

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