I like you but I’m not 100 percent sure . after I heard People’s story, saw the reality of what was happening from two years ago, I’m not into you anymore,,

I’m happy and upbeat and I’m not gonna ask you the question, cause I’m not a piece of booty. not gonna buy any BS..

oh my dear, I don’t need you to validate my self-worth. marriage ? I suppose if I found someone special enough, but he’d really have to be pretty amazing. cause even my mama once told me “I’m afraid , you seems like you are the man, yourself.”

ill live for the moment. and you should remember today cause tomorrow I’ll be gone,,
** found this again today , in my brown book,loll,

**today, I just read msg from Ghaith in fb, and three of aga’s friends- ( it’s in other folder so I just found out now) which I really shocked. how can they know me and msg me ? they never even meet me, .. 😦 innalilahi ,, rest in peace Aga, smoga khusnul khotimah.. aminn..
woosshhh woosshh Udah ah, kok Jd baper? iseng iseng td gw ikut kuis juga d fb ,, fun juga,  😂😂


the picture that describe wonderful itself makes me want to go back to cappodacia, driving those thing in grape yard. 🙂 

I love Nofy. Period. Nofy just resigned from SQ this month and told me ” udah lah wa, ngapain sih lo d Dubai betah amat” but makes me laughing and teasing her cause after she said that,she continue with..”eh tapi gw juga mau tuh setaun dua taun d Dubai, kalo gw mah pasti dapet laki, udah banyak gitu d sana, emang kayak elu, wa.. which i replied “yahh,, nofy dilawan, gw mah apa atuh” which is gw ngakak abis ngomong ini,, kalimat kekinian, hahaa 😀


last time nofy went here, we ate too much in cheese cake factory.


i love this, airline staff gave me, makes me want to visit those stan countries as well

and love these chocolates too


last ..

argentina coin… i found this on my way home , maybe it’s a sign ?


~~~  tuhh kann… gw gak konsisten,, pengen nulis cinta2an serius dari behbek jadi ke ana juaneh.. lol

saatnya cabut ke rumah rama skalian numpang makan and tonight ill spend it with Rama Zam and Eja, maen board games.. hohooo… *hugssss ❤


-behbek ; Arabic word means I love you-ana juaneh ; I’m hungry 

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