when last week ;;; 

~ Rajesh compliment me ; you handled them well ; and I was like “ya but Ican’t really  pretend I didn’t see, and they knew, it’s so awkward 😅😁”  
I think Allah really knows me best; He put me here so I can learn to be patient, calm and not short-tempered. 

** soalnya emang dulu kayaknya gw tukang ngambek and gampang kesinggung! hahaa 😅

 **jd inget pas art bus tour ;pas Sandra and Karen tanya apa profesi gw, gw agak ragu mau ngomong; I didn’t take pride about it , I think I was never really like my job ( except because of the tickets , funny stories part and because too much things in Indonesia that I have to pay so that I can’t resign,yet). so when Sandra said ; cool , it’s hard , i can’t be in this job, I’m easily get angry ,, and Karen response was ” omg it’s too much pressures ”  they are lying probably , but somehow it makes me think – no matter what kind of job I have,  I have to be proud of it 😊😉😇

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