Malinda ❤️

she steals my attention ,, she’s very beautiful with her black hair and light brown eyes and sharp bones and long nose and omyGod, you are the greatest,, you will really admire her creator ! when we board the green line train I can feel she’s tired of standing already ,so I ask one man to stand up and give Malinda his seat, God bless him, he’s  kind enough to give the seat.. so I told Malinda to sit and she smiled at me, thank you thank you .. and then she asks me are you an Arab? no I answered. she continue but you look like an Arab ,

me ; really ? you think so? smiled ..

her ; yaa, are you from Iraq ?

me ; an Iraqi look like me ?

her ; ya, like you..

me ; smile again, I’m from Asia, Indonesia ..

do you know about it ? she keeps looking at me ..without answering the question , she continue – is your stop on the thirteen too ?

I said ; naa, it’s only 3 stops away ,

me ; how old are you? 6 ? 7 ?

her ; 6 ,, I went to comic con with my Aunt ,  see my costumes ( she’s wearing a bee costume which makes her cuter!!)

me ; ya I saw it ..soo cutee,,, so you’re from UK ?

her ; you know ?

me ; yaa, from your accent .. 😊

then it’s time for me to get down ,, she waived and said I’m Malinda, take care , her Aunty also said thank you ~~

for a 6 years old I think she’s a brave one.. and gaktau Indonesia 😅 hehe

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