the Friday ‘ate’

Ate in tagalog means sister (or aunty?); refer to someone older than you.. (Woman)

So last Friday ( 11 March 2016) I met this ate again [the one told me that she’s been trying 7 years for Emirates] same spot.. in front of nmc bus stop while waiting bus no 24 to come.. She sat beside me , and I smiled to her.. I greeted her how are you while she was about to say the same thing.. (Jinx,double jinx) lol …

I told her Alhamdulillah , everything seems okay ,, she said it’s really her dream to get hire in Emirates , she wants the tickets so she’ll be able to go home every month to see her old parents ,, I just listened ,smiled and nodded .. showing some reaction,, then she continue with the cepu emas question “are you married ?” do you live here with your family ? Husband ? I told her, no I’m alone here.. No husband yet ,,  she said ; ahh,, no problem, you look young , maybe 25 ? I laughed and told her ; this year I’m turning 29. She replied ; don’t worry , it will come , just keep praying .. Me ; yes. inshaAllah… Her ; don’t worry and don’t rush it… better than feel sorry at the age of 35, I got married at your age , now I’m 33, just got pregnant , two months…

I smiled , congrats ate… Happy for you,,

inside .. I whispered , I want to be a wife and a mother too God, please… Show me the way and make it closer… aminn


she gave me this. .lovely green peas

they are all now wives and mothers, except me; hopefully someday within this year and next year 😇


and now these three remain ;faith, hope and love. but the greatest of these is love ❤


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