this last week of February

two months in 2016 has passed ..(2 more days to march)

this last week of February, everytime i go to bed, i have this gawning feeling like what ive got is not enough… mungkin karna ayah udah balik indo and sendiri lagi.. huhu

*** Xuefang last day in Emirates is yesterday which makes me more bitter.. not sure why everytime i feel like im so down being in Dubai, God always slap me straight away.. when i was so demotivated (after heard the news) one ate came to me while i was waiting for the bus, it was friday morning.. i still remember how she greeted me loudly and happy,asked me how long ive been working in Emirates and told me she was trying for it for 7 years, then she left me, i was still surprised,but it indeed makes me smile..she did help me go through the day.. it was in front of NMC bus stop..

*** last wednesday (24 of february ) I know that Im not really good in nihongo(yet), thats why i dont know why i feel upset that i didnt win anything.. maybe because i put more effort,, even i search through google the material to support my speech..

anyway, i thank God, by being there , i met Petra, she won the special prize, she was working in Tokyo for 11 years before moved to Dubai last year..


i got certificate 😀 can i use it to apply for a new job? lol

*** suddenly craving about konafa Ibti took me, it is in front of radisson blu Sharjah, enak bangeddd…nyummy…. queue nya pake mobil , it really astonishing.. karna queue nya panjangg….sktr 20 mobil and yang ngantri pun kbnyakan mobil mewah,, kedainya kecil biasa aja,,

*** been busy overtime. semenjak councourse D dibuka, rate overtime is 49 dirham per hour!! woohooo.. target : min 50 jam!

*** and been busy watching this orange is the new black series in netflix. hahaha

*** I watched secret of the grain . it´s heartbreaking yet too much beautiful. wallah !

*** Mariama teach me how to make harira soup today. it´s soup from Morocco.. delicious walopun kayaknya kurang garem.. 😛 ❤


well.. and the last part, i think i lose a friend. am i calculating my opportunity costs or am i discussing love here?  i know im tougher than a woodpecker lips. so ill be okay 😀 😀





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