Enak itu relatif tapi..

Novy is in town!!! Woohooo,, I always feel excited and happy whenever Novy is here,, she’s just one of those friends that I never can get enough 😍😍😍😍 love her too much !! 

And, she said “lets go to this restaurant very popular in Singapore and Malaysia, she said; “I ate there once but I dunno how to go there, my friend took me, when you were in Jakarta” It refers to as they called the best briyani in town,, the name is liyari,, 

I was not too excited at the first , I mean most of the briyani I ate are almost taste the same.. From Karachi darbar , century , or even from my fav shawarma stall near Union metro station. not much different. But looking how determined nofy to find the place makes me a bit curious. 

We walked around naif area myb for an hour till we found the place. it’s just a small shop near al sabkha bus station.. When we enter, baijan straight guide us to second floor, family area – and then nofy straight away order mutton briyani . 

Well … It is delicious. I admit it, I’ll come back here with my other friends next time. 


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