kotoshi saigono hi desu..

and i just feel like i want to recap how my 2014 passed by..

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January :

15 january 2014… exactly 3 years im in Dubai.. and i met chiaki chan for the first time at Safa park, when i went for ikebana workshop ..

25 January : my first time volunteering in Dubai, water for workers (the sameness project)


February :

8 feb 2014 — my first article in utusan malaysia,,

10-13 feb :  i went to Sapporo with Mariama and Tetty, flew again on J class (Japan Airlines,,) and it was my first time to see and touch snow ..

28 feb : it was my first time making origami ~




2nd of March : Vidya’s wedding

I cant put the picture, all are those time when i haven’t wear a hijab ..

11 March :

I made my first totoro cake at megumi’s house


April 8 :

i decided to wear hijab.. thank you haywires for the support ^^


April :

Joined Election committee in Dubai, for my country, Indonesia, ** thanksalot mas Adhiguna**


April 30 :

I’m in gulf news Japan Special Edition.. it was not really a good one actually 😦

June – August : work work work !!! save that money to resign ! (or travel ?) coz on

September 2014 : Londonnnnn ❤

October : took mom and dad to Tokyo for 3 days ,, wooohooo…

and October 2014 : Went to Chile ! Alhamdulillah, Allah…

I thank You for everything that happened in my life so far for this 2014, and thank You for letting me still be with my lovely parents, please let them be happy,, let them see what i see, and go to places that i went..

I love You , and please teach and guide me to be more grateful and faithful and closer to You

keep me away from those who has bad influence and from those who harm and bring negative energy for me.


******well,, this post suppose to be published on 31st December 2014. not sure why i posted it today,i just i checked my draft :D***

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