you CANT guess life :)

last week is been a hectic week for me and i was feeling a bit down due to the neediness of change in terms of “job” as you are aware that I started to feel bored and fed up(again) of my life, c’mon! ive been in the same position for more than 4 years man.. (goin to be five!!! )

soo, yaa,, mungkin cengeng and lemah bgd kdengerannya but that night, i did cry a river. sampai aku lelah dan bahkan sempat berfikir lelah hidup. (God,forgive me! T_T) then without i realized, morning came.. the sun is up and i am awake. my eyes wide open, I watsapp Vina,she also felt down and was crying the whole night too..hmm.. sorry, we are girls! we agree to just go out .. to anywhere,,,,

that afternoon, we decided to just roaming around festival city,from the abandoned theme park till the helipad,randomly snap pictures and try our best to feel relax..

then, this man came, told us that if we took in the middle of helipad, the view would be nicer, and then he opened the fench for us. (wow,so kind (y) ) we continue our photo session till sunset and nights. and then this man, came again, he turn on the lights and we were so amazed by the view. it’s just beautiful ^^


after we finished,when we walked back to our car, we said thank you to this man. and he introduced himself as Captain Anas, and he is the owner of the helipad. we were like oohh.. WOW.. OKAY… and he gave us the business card and we had a small chat when he suddenly said, so you want to see the view from the helicopter? when are you free ? saturday ?

we were really cant believe what we hear, so we were like hmm.. but we don’t have that amount of budget. that’s when he continue saying “it’s FOC on me” and we both were like “it’s like a dream for us, woww.. is it for real ?” and he straight away took out his phone and called his secretary,, “hey,please book two seat for the helicopter ride on saturday, VIP, FOC on me”

I just cant believe of what i heard and what had happened to me.. imagine, i was crying and feeling down the night before and got this life time chance to ride a helicopter in Dubai the next day… I swear,I really cant guess life…

the ride is for 22 minutes. our pilot that day is thiego, from Brazil.

the view ? it was AMAZING.. “mewah kalo kata Andi”  

but well, I will not deny that i prefer more fresh greenier view for my eyes right now..  😡


iseetheworld !!!

11059964_10153457997235792_4855642241889310881_n 11738059_10153457996355792_6376693061195437898_n


the palm, my dear !!!

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