about the tongue.

you and your hijab are haram …

I pray to God, Allah will put you in Jahanam

it does bother me a bit.

I mean.. the one that talking is same age as my father, his daughter is also around my age, and all the reason he told me those thing is because of their excess luggage. which is NOT my mistake ..

it’s not my mistake if you don’t read the ticket allowance that one passenger entitled for one piece maximum weight 30kgs. it’s not my mistake when i asked you how many bags you have , you told me 4 and half bags. *do you understand the term of piece? is there anything called half piece of baggage?*

and when i told you, you have excess.. you straight away cursing me, swearing me that i am haram, that Allah will put me in Jahanam.

I was shocked. you wanna know how i felt that time? SAD and.. surprised. (but i did laugh too)

I dont even say anything . but you already with your emotion, letting those words out from your mouth, put my respect towards you down to the level of underground.

it almost end of my shift. I am tired after 10 hours working, and yet got cursed.

we are just doing our job, i have nothing to do with your luggage, why do you even able to curse and swear to me , a person whom you just met a couple minutes ago.. hmm….

astagfirullah, hasbiAllah wa ni’mal al wakil..

—– it’s been more than four year im working as a passenger service agent..  passenger always cursing me whenever they are angry,, i get used to it, and every time i got cursed by them, all i do is shut my mouth to keep my energy (and for the professionalism sake,they say) well,, yaa..and try to forget all about it ! 🙂

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