Hamburg ! *Germanycountry#17

Hamburg is not in my ‘things to do before 30 years old’-list but since I read about kuhne from NUS website , I feel like let me visit this city while i got my multiple schengen visa from Netherland Embassy ..

I got the visa, i had the money but i didnt get my leave.. usual scenario of the realization of my dream… :S 😦

#well, let’s plan again next year~~ Ö)

soo.. yaa, i went there on 28 – 29 June 2015. i went only in my off days, i called up Hani, Zulfa’s friend who studying in universitait Hamburg doing her master degree, she said she will be busy and can only accompany me on the 28 night after 9 pm and on 29, ok then daijobu:)

It was my first trip I roam alone this year and it was my first trip alone wearing hijab too and it’s my first time to Europe(after London n turkey side ..errr) I mean, well you know…. It always scary when u out of your zone all by yourself ,, so yaa,, I was really really nervous that day, so I decided to watsapp someone (not sure why i chose him) looking for some soothing words even tough I know he’s not in a good mood to talk to me coz of my opinion about Melbourne (well,i think because of this) *am I being cheap? Hmmmm

was actually didn’t really expect that Hamburg will steal my heart, that I wanna go back there.. (and live there…) aminnn Ö)


a house in schiningbecktal in front of NDR TV station

i arrived in the afternoon and decided to go to the harbour ( stop in landungsbrüken Ubahn station) in harbour, i was sitting in the seafront before i decided to take fahre (ferry) to finkenwerder (it’s a free ride! )

DSC09619 DSC09629


the weather is quite hot, never thought that summer in europe is that much hot (but im still fasting! fighting!!)

i remember what Hani told me, if i cant, i should break the fast,, the maghrib is around 10 pm plus plus..

around 9pm , i need to go to Hamburg universitait’s library to meet up with Hani, with no phone connection to make sure my direction is right (im still using my karban blackberry), I took the train to Dammtor, and then took the bus 112 to the university.

i think last time i went to a university is last april, when i went to Tokyo Institute of Technology with Haima and ka Puspa.. hihi.. really love to hang around in this kind of places.. i just love the smell of an education’s institution.. it feels different. 😀


Hani took me inside of the library, i love it !


and then we went to look for a place to have dinner,, Hani took me to eat kumpir (in here, it’s with nachos! haha)




ini enak deehhh

from sternschanze , we went to altona to have kebab in koz urfa . in this restaurant, i saw many asian (read :Indonesian) .. *sepertinya tempatnongkrong org2 indo bgd, lol*


looking at the picture in front of koz urfa, i suddenly remember someone,,and it’s eckelhaft&schmerzhaft (sucks&hurting) **sakitnya sih mungkin krn gw beneran pengen dia jadi sama gw,tapi sepertinya dia gak suka sama gw, lol)


i love this picture 🙂

kalau abis ini dia gakda hubungi ,, gw harus beneran move on… krn gw gak mao IQ gw turun…  hehehe 😛

day 2 ;

i went to the the university again to shop the jacket and go round the campus. was thinking to join a class but i woke up late. feels so tired. huhuu…

**campus d eropa ternyata nya ada chair buat leyeh2… asikkk bgdd.. hehehe…


there is rickshaw inside the building! hohoo

i was about to take away the cheese cake in the cafe of the university, (the one Hani always told me about) that she said it’s very tasty, but unlucky, it’s sold out when i went there.. 😦

I tried pretzel in Haupthbahnhof ( central station ) and then being impulsive, i bought a laptop, (love the keyboard!) lol..


then go to airport to catch my flight back to Dubai,,

**got upgraded in Business class cause the flight was full, i was so nervous and scared they will not take me since i got the id 90’s ticket but then,,, alhamdulillah…. 🙂 🙂

more pictures…







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