about summer.

  • i need to wear sunglasses at six o clock in the morning.. (>=9)
  • at this hour – the temperature could reached 37 degrees already.
  • i got confused whenever i want to take shower, in terms of which water i should choose, bcause hot water is hot , cold water is hotter,
  • sometimes i am thinking that i will not take shower coz i’ll feel more “gerah” like from sauna after taking a bath, but if i don´t take shower i feel like i am a buffalo.
  • I don’t wanna go out from home.
  • AC is on 24 hours
  • my electricity bill will reach more than AED 1500, (at least it´s divided by seven )
  • i am getting depressed and annoyed easily (it’s not only me, but to most of the people here- i really did the survey(and observation)!!) should we  blame the sun and the weather ?
  • i keep a jacket/sweater with me even during the summer. Yes. Even though,it’s 43 C degrees outside, the AC blasts at sub-zero temperatures nationwide. it makes me sick.. the fact is i always fell sick during summer.. anjadd…* 😦
  • suddenly many cockroaches and flies.. but no mosquito.. and in this ramadhan  11012618_1052295051466982_303446968866182603_n

hmm….. anywayy,,

i would like to wish you  رمضانكم مبروك وسنين دايمة وكل عام وأنتوما بخير وصحة
´´Selamat atas ramadhan kalian .. Semoga selalu berulang tiap tahunnya.. Dan semoga setiap tahunnya kalian baik2 dan dalam keadaan sehat … ´´
mohon maaf lahir bathin..

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