Tokyo 4th trip ~~ 6-10 April 2015

I went to Tokyo this spring with Haima to chase Sakura ^.^

and we made promise that we will speak no English. hehehe.. we broke it a few times but still we manage to really really practice our nihongo skill 😀DSC07757

I met Haima in Narita airport as I went to Tokyo from Jakarta with ANA ( I hope Emirates will keep the agreement with this carrier otherwise T_T) then we had our dinner first in the foodcourt (2nd floor) in Terminal two . it’s halal restaurant. the name is ….

this time i stayed in Le monterey Ginza , it’s 15000 yen per night, divided two , so each of us paid 37500 yen.

my budget for this trip is AED 2600 (+290 dhs for the ticket CGK- NRT)  and it equals to 80000 yen 🙂

1st day :

Ueno koen – Asakusa – Shibuya (met tante Nita ) – Tokyo camii – Odaiba – hotel

2nd day :

8 april 2015

Raining and snowing !!!

we had onigiri as our breakfast from 7Eleven.

then we went to Tokyo Intl forum to take some pictures, Haima is admired the architecture. it’s the glass building.

after that we roam around in marunoichi area up to International Palace . then we went to Tokyo station to eat ramen .

It’s near yaesu north exit, behind the ticket counter opposite of daimaru.

then we went to akihabara – Ikebukuro to buy kitkat in kitkat boutique and then we went to Tokyo metropolitan to view Tokyo  from up.. after that we went to Ookayama campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology (to have campus tour with ka puspa) and then we ate tempura in a restaurant near mizunokuchi station , ka puspa and bang mol treat me and Haima.. 😀 😀

3rd day : 9 april 2015

Ghibli museum – Mt.Takao – and had our dinner in Sakura Hatagaya hostel  – I felt sick already , bought some medicine from the pharmacy ,, huhu…

4th day : 10 April – Haima roam around by herself and i took rest at the hotel. I just couldnt stand up anymore…Felt really sick.. 😦 😦

this day we suppose to meet Ibu Dwi and have lunch in Pasona office but maybe because i feel not well already , we couldnt find the place T_T so we end up ate ramen in Tokyo station again, and then I went back to hotel, Mbak Indah pay me a visit to the hotel.

night, around 2000 i went to the airport to catch my flight back to Dubai..

and i went to work on 11 april at 12pm , but only able to work for two hours, I asked Mehdi to release me early, he  agree to release me but what he said is not nice in my ears : he asked me whether I’m dying or not coz he is shortage of staff.. and me like :S seriouslyyyy???

when i went to the doctor, my temperature is 39 degrees, i got 3 days sick leave (which means i am really sick ) and the doctor asked me to go to lung and heart specialists in aster Al Fahidi.. I haven’t go untill now..  anyway, in short I thank God that ive been able to reach Dubai safely,coz seriuosly i felt like I’m between heaven and hell when im on the plane.. O:)

Syafakillah ziwa…

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