about malaysia.

I was inspired to write a post about Malaysia since I wrote about Dubai and posted it in my facebook. (there is a comment from lovely Sakiinah for me to write about Penang ) and my meet up with Alina and Salwa last month, two Malaysian in Dubai, makes me feel, let me do it now 😉 


well ,, let’s try to remember and sum it up..

I went first time to Malaysia in 2005 to study my bachelor’s degree in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) which popular with the title University in the garden and ranked as number two in Malaysia. *wink*

It was my first time going outside of the country, I was just too excited.

It was also my first time to live far away from my parents. I still can remember how my dad cried his eyes out when he letting me off from the departure area (which makes my tear drops too ) and…. if you met my mom, you will know that she’s too cool to act like my dad even i know she feel sad too X_x

my University is in Penang, which is 45 minutes by plane from Kuala Lumpur.  That time, No direct flight yet from Jakarta to Penang and AirAsia still operates from KLIA 🙂

First time i step my foot in KLIA , i feel like wow! it’s a nice airport ! to go to the gates with the train is just amazing 😉

the comparison here so far only with Indonesia and the differences that i notice while I’m living there

  1. in Malaysia i don’t find a tukang parkir , someone that will help you to park your car and then you give him some money.. (i don’t know now )
  2. there is no ojek , a motorcycle that you can ride as a taxi.
  3. you pay the bus to the coin machine and then take your receipt ( i used to pay the bus fare to the kondektur 😀 )
  4. while that time few bus still without AC but most of the public bus is with AC ( from what i heard ,buses now only rapid bus, KL and Penang)
  5. if you want to fill up your fuel tank, you have to get out and walk to the cashier and then you put the pipe and fill it to your car/motorcycle by your own (oh c’mon, dont be lazy!)
  6. it was my first time to know and realize that motorcycle can going through highway.
  7. it  was just too many scooters 😀
  8. I was staying in Dormitory , to use the coin washing machine to wash my clothes and to refill my water through the coin machine is hajimete . 🙂 
  9. going to Singapore and Thailand can be done overland . it’s just like going to another city. ~~~
  10. paying toll without queueing in the lane is amazed me .hehe
  11. there is sekolah kebangsaan Cina , i mean if in Indonesia, we have sekolah katolik, sekolah Islam, Malaysia they have this kind of school.
  12. bangsa there means race.
  13. and negeri means province not country .
  14. mm.. let’s talk about language barrier . While people say that Malay language and Indonesian is the same, I will tell you, it is not the same. at the first time, you will get confused and lost when u talk to them . it’s true . I don’t lie 😀 (especially when i first talk to Ed, with his kental logat utara X_x)
  15. duduk dekat mana ?  (???) in Indonesian: duduk is sit. dekat is near . mana is which/where ? so.. when i heard it first time i feel like.. hmmm…. hmmm… when literally it means where are you staying ?
  16. daripada mana ? daripada , in Indonesian, is like a comparison. let say ” lebih baik A daripada B , while in Malaysian somehow could means “where are you come from ?” .
  17. aku dan saya . I think most of Indonesian, including me, always use aku when referring to themselves, even when they talk to their parents. If in Indonesia, aku is already polite ,in Malaysia, you will get a selipar terbang on the face if you use aku to parents or someone older than you .
  18. seronok laa.. in Malay , it doesn’t mean you are doing something not right but it means it’s fun .
  19. senang je tuu. means that is easy. yes, senang in Malay means easy while in Indonesian, it means happy ^_^
  20. when you live there, under your consciousness you will catch the accent of malaysian English “it’s okay laaa”
  21. pusing campus . it doesnt mean your campus had a headache 😀 pusing in Malay means go/turn around.
  22. di dalam kereta means inside the car not inside the train .
  23. I get used to say “bas” instead of “bis” when referring to the “bus”
  24. nak makan apa? the questioner not calling you as her/his anak, but he/she asking you what do you want to eat ?  (nak in Malay language is mahu/want ) .

well,, after a while living there, I think I get used to the word pening to refer as a headache , bilik as kamar , credit to say pulsa and bestnyeee to say asikk banged! 😉

Life goes on. but somehow I miss Malaysia.. (esp Penang!)

I miss the delicious food. nasi lemak bakar burma road, nasi ayam madu especially from pelita, nasi ayam merah, ayam oyster , you get super duper tasty food with a good price.. nyumm..nyumm…

I miss watching cinema. I was a movie buff, now I rarely go to the cinema, Maybe I am too medit , kedekut and pelit but to pay AED 35 or AED 50 for a movie , i rather watch it on board when I’m flying with my cheap ticket (just wait another 4 months maximum to be available on Emirates ICE!)

I miss lepak after work . In Dubai , my life circulation will only be get up.work.eat.sleep.getup.work.eat.sleep. gooshh… I thought it only me but it happened to everyone here,,, Is it because of the work pressure that we feel so powerless when the work timing is over ?? I wonder…

I miss the friendliness of the people. period.

I miss paying the cheap rent . Seriously , rent in Dubai is as high as empire state building. thank God that my rent is not yet rise up . ( i don’t know next few months) but to pay AED 1500 not including electricity water internet and gas for a very small room without window (maid room) is just horrible ! not forget to mention shared with other 7 peoples in the house 😦 and to afford a comfortable big- fii window-room in a good location is out of my budget.

If you ever stay in Dubai, you will know how we struggle here just to make friends. good friends. maybe again , because of the pressure and everyone is just busy to cope up with their own Dubai life . (I’m lucky to know and have some angels with me , I thank God for them)

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to everyone that reading it and thank you for all my friends that around during my stay in Malaysia, be it in Pulau Pinang, Cyberjaya or Kuala Lumpur . I seek forgiveness for all mistake and sharp words. Love you all ❤

2 thoughts on “about malaysia.

  1. So you are Indonesian who studied in Penang and currently working in Dubai huh? I was confused with so many types of language that appear in your blog 😀
    Even as a Kuala Lumpur boy, I get confused with the loghat utara. When mereka becomes depa, kamu becomes hang or ko, air becomes ayak and so on. I think you should be able to understand more of KL malay language 😉

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