this time : ロンドン #UKcountry number 14.

it is so not in my list (the 76 things i want to do before turning 30 -list. ) but im glad i went there. I went there 3-9 september 2014.

i went to ロンドン with Xuefang Guan , my lovely chinese friend.

budget : 5000 – over budget : 5700 dhs. 

we bought oyster card for 45 pounds valid for 7 days .

the surprise today :       DSC02273  i need water !! lol 😛

we stayed in holiday inn express, Wimbledon. we paid around 3100 dhs for 6 nights. (divided two) it takes 1,5 hour from Heathrow to our hotel, and when we arrive, we request for the front room with the view, (just to find out that it is so much noisy that we couldn’t sleep and then request to change room on our 2nd night X_X) we should listen to nigel (the receptionist)! 😀

about 1 hour later,we went out from hotel to find some food and look around, we ended up in saintsbury, and eat in the cafetaria in front of it. (i forgot the name 😦   another one thing that surprise me is the opening times of shops there


imagine,, at 2000 ! so much different with Dubai, even Jakarta/ KL.

day 2 ; 4 september ::: buckingham palace , i never think that buckingham palace tour will be cost almost our entire day , i should bear in mind that it is a HUGE palace, lol…

DSC02548 DSC02528 DSC02483

DSC02549 DSC02590

DSC02553 DSC02604

after buckingham palace we went to A&V museum , national history museum, harrods then we go to Soho to have some food .we ate in princci ,italian restaurant  おいしい い !out of 10, i will give 8,5 to this restaurant 🙂 onaka ippai desu yooo ^.^ after that we walked through the leicester square area and entered national potrait museum, i bought a london tote bag there for 10 pounds. ❤ it..

day 3 ; 5 september 2014 ::: today our route is london eye – tate modern – shakespare’s globe and around.



love her singing dont look back in anger . LOVE.LOVE.LOVE it somuch!

we just keep walking till we were in borough market and i can see the shard.  we had our lunch in itsu . i like the concept of the restaurant, it’s nice. im giving 8,5 😉  for our dinner we went back to leicester square and decided to eat in korean restaurant named corean chili , just beside underground station. the taste of the food was sooo – ,, sigh.. I’m upset and xuefang was more upset* maybe because our expectation is high on the restaurant. out of ten, i think 6 is enough.

day 4th ; 6 september 2014 .. meet claire !!


lunch at Jamie’s union jack covent garden 

i bought shirt from ben sherman and charla of Dr. martens :* alhamdulillah,, thanku Allah.. O:) two brands which i always dream of having ~

♣♣ we forgot to ask the VAT – tax refund form from the store, otherwise we can get at least food money for 5 days in Dubai 😦

surprise of the day : toilet inside the restaurant there is like public toilet,that everyone can use it, no complaint from the staff /warning on the door itself >=<

hyde park


While I love to visit here, I need to find my own spot, my own environment where I and my creativeness thrive ( i forgot from where i got this words)

arsenal and tower of london

 DSC05352 DSC02957

i bought a cap in the tower shop for abdee ❤

we had our dinner in la tasca , victoria.

day 5th ; 7 september 2014 ::: British museum , masjid in goodge street , sherlock holmes museum  , regent’s park.

today, i managed to put one Quran in one of masjid in london. the name is muslim league world, it’s only a square and not that big, you can miss it if you don’t really pay attention.

hope whoever read the Quran, i will get the good deeds from it even if i am already dead O:)

♦ how to go there from British museum ; turn right from the museum on to totenham court road n turn right – walk for 4-5 minutes from goodge street , it’s after tesco and pizza place ♦

baker street ~~~ the sherlock holmes museum price is 10 pounds.

DSC05699 DSC05694DSC05722

we drop by in regent’s park  and on our way back to hotel we stopped in elephant and castle -had our dinner in wetherspoon the rockingham arms , we ordered the traditional british food (it’s the name of the menu)

day 6th ; 8 september 2014 :: Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio and Camden .

how to get there ~ we took the tube and stop in Euston ,the overland train from Euston to watford junction for about 18 minutes and from watford junction we took the HP shuttle bus for about 15 minutes . the bus fare is 2 pounds return. we need to keep the ticket with us,for the coming back.

surprise today : it’s my first time to wear seat belt on the bus . 😀

DSC05830 - Copy DSC06385 - Copy DSC05833

uncle Idrus suggest me to go to camden if i have time.

So here I was, in camden  . It was 6pm and was already getting dark when I reached town .


we ate in sushi salsa, before heading back to hotel. quite a journey ~ thanku Uncle !!

day 7th ; flying back to Dxb with Emirates A380 ♥

surprise again ; NO immigration out of London , woww.. amazing.. hehehe

~~ for the food expenses , we spent 8-17 pounds each time we eat.

ありがとう ございます!!domou arigatou gozaimashita xuenechan for the amazing one week london escape, forgive all the minus and annoying behaviour ,, :*  DSC02902

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