random things this week…

  1. i checked in one passanger whose birthday on the passport is 30 february? reallly? is 30 february exist in the calendar?
  2. i brought some fruit from home, tomato and i put some sugar on it, all colleagues in transfer desk are laughing, especially heidi she is from philippines , zahra from srilanka , rudina from lebanon, ataya from mesir , they said why am i eating tomato with sugar? tomato , they eat it with salt or pepper.. well,, kinda surprised, i tot it’s common to eat tomato with sugar just like that, most indonesian i think like to eat tomato with sugar alone.
  3. again , my bento is egg and rice, and this syrian fellow, said we dont eat egg with rice. well….
  4. there is some people who doesnt know rice cooker is exist . dont be surprised, i think it simply just because they dont eat rice as their main dish.
  5. it is difficult and uncomfortable to eat by hand for those people who are not used to eat by hand.
  6. i just knew that japanese eat grapes without their skin. i watched how chichan ate it. me, always eat grapes straight away.. nyummnyummm
  7. from my observation, most of my arabic colleagues they are drinking coke after meal .they dont drink water? seriously? opposite from my philipino fellow , most of them bring 1,5 litre bottle of water and drink it straight from the bottle. errrrrrr
  8. marlboro is not really that much popular 😀             so, when i want to go to duty free, marwan asked me to buy him marlboro.   me : excuse me, do you know where i can get marlboro ?                                                                                                               the duty free staff : hmm, what is that ? a perfume ?                                                                                                                     me : rrrrrrr

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