capetown, south africa ; country number 11 :)


on my first day in capetown, it was raining,so we waited till therain stops.

me n gumi stayed at the big hostel near table mountain, after a while, we walked to victoria wharf and around it, we ate in bismillah restaurant in bo kaap (malay cape) we met the incredible couple who has indonesian blood on them. they are very proud when they told us their great great grandmother are indonesian. we were amazed. it’s verymuch different with people in malaysia or arab.

it was amazing experience that the people in cape malay are too kind to us when they know we r from Indonesia. and the history-talk begin. they serve us roiboos tea which i kinda like. 🙂

on 2nd day we booked a tour cape peninsula tour – i saw penguin live !!!! love them. they actually really like happyfeet, hahaha.. kawaii..

on3rd day, i tot i will go to table mountain in the morning, but table mountain is closed due to heavy rain, so we just roaming around with ofer, a jewish from romania.. this is my first time have an interaction with jewish, but i will say, regardless of watever religion of ppl, we have one universal language : warm body gesture, smile and respect each other… he took us to botanical garden n six district museum, and have coffee in long street cafe.. i love the sorrounding, it’s kinda like in holland , gumi said…

if im going to capetown again : i must go to ostrich farm , nyobain restoran ada di list di blog ini, table mountain, and south african museum,,,

In San, the verb, K”Anna means, “To call to the rain”, and standing alone in a dark room at the back South African National Museum, I read the translation for the rainmaking ritual of the San:

Call out to the rain, keep calling, standing in the rain: Oh friend, oh friend, oh friend, hold still, rain gently for me. >>> dari

then we flew back to Dubai, as im gonna continue my trip to tokyo !!!!!

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