alazar :D

when i was studying in usm, i never use plastic whenever i got something to take away.  because my campus itself push us the students to do so. the habit is become somekind of wat i do. even if i do shopping in supermarket, or anyplace i dont take plastic.

here in dubai, thank God i still doing so. i bought the shopping bag 10 dirham and its useful. people should really stop taking too many plastic bag from the supermarket. and the supermarket should start charge the people for every plastic bag they take. or even not to provide the plastic bag at all.

one good thing i remember, when i went in seychelles, i bought few of souvenirs and the storekeepers wrap my things in the recycled newspaper and give it to me. i bought things in 3 stores and all of them is doing the same.
I hope here will be like that …


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