rabu 16feb 2011. tadi pagi,, gw kaget sama kremena, shes screamingggg outtt loouuuuddddd !! bialng kalo dia barua ja jadi tante,,, huaaaaaaaa… her sister gave birth. a baby boy… wat a nice thing! congratulation! *ikutan senenggg* trus kita crita2….

trus kree blg “thx ziwa! you make my dayy!!” 

i felt like omg… really?? i still cant believe it.. she likes me! lols . hahahhaha

thenn,, she asked me to let her join whenever i go somewhere.. well.. we’re planning to go to oman, bulgaria, lebanon, georgia, and turki !! ayeaaaaayyyyyyy !! id 50…id 90…. unlimitedddd………let it happend ya Allah,, amiinnn…. =)))

thanks Allah, for giving me the best ! ALWAYSSS ,,,, :))))))))))))

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