ykt oh ykt


just now, listened to the voices usa. drop down all schiller and pool said. huaa..

a bit lose with the debate. but i think, as long as i know the point, it’s quite okay.

borrow schiller book from library. and then read, try my best to understand it and then all out to arrange the sentence for the assignment. huuaaaa

my head getting dizzy. 24 hours is not enough !!

tomorrow, i have to present the tutorial question. and tomorrow nite also,im gonna dance. for the convocation, represent the international office. huuuaaaaa

tomorrow, i have to finish reading half bindle of timemagazine that i just bought

tomoorow, i have to go to bank to take out money because money in my pocket is just rm4 now! huuaaaa

oh, God ! please make the day longer. make it 36 hours a day!huhu….

feellike want to quit from univ life as soon as possible. 2008 cepatlah datannggggggggggg!!huhu

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